Bike Camps in North Vancouver: Pedalheads vs Escape Adventures

Aiden has now spent two summers in bike camps, but with different programs. Damien is in bike camp for the first time this year. This has given me a unique perspective to compare two bike programs offered in North Vancouver: Pedalheads and Escape Adventures.  

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Last year at age 4, Aiden completed Level 3 of Pedalheads, which was entirely conducted in a field at Brockton School. The camp focused a lot on maneuvering and obstacles, as well as road safety. Following the camp, we focused on teaching Aiden the Level 4 basics ourselves, which were mostly about road safety. We have since done some amazing and long family bike rides.

This year, I wanted both kids to go into bike camps again. Damien, at age 3, was decent on his Strider run bike and was already learning his pedal bike. Given his adventurous nature and overall level of co-ordination (drumming, 2-wheel-scooter, etc), I knew he could pick up pedal biking at this age. Initially, I had both kids registered in Pedalheads: Damien in Level 1, Aiden in Level 4. I felt like Level 4 was a bit basic for Aiden’s skill level, but the next level required a bike with gears, which we don’t have yet. Pedalheads is great for skills, but it’s progression in levels is very rigid.

Then I heard about Escape Adventures, a locally-run bike program which very quickly takes kids outside of fields and roads and gets them on trails. Already it sounded more interesting. Road and trail safety are integrated, but it’s not the sole focus – the actual bike part is quite an adventure! And, as a bonus, the program for Damien’s level was 2.5 hours instead of 1 hour (the Pedalheads equivalent for his age). DONE. 

So, I took the cancellation hit and switched the kids into Escape Adventures and it has been the BEST choice. Damien is in Mini Rippers, learning how to start and stop and ride on his own. He was just figuring out the riding part when he started the program, and is now solid on that. He’s officially done with his run bike. Starting and stopping are still a work in progress, but he’s getting there. It’s crazy that my 3-year-old is on a pedal bike without training wheels. Awesome. After working with us throughout the year, I expect I’ll put him in Mini Rippers Trails next Spring, perhaps Little Rippers by Summer. At age 4, his class at Escape Adventures will be far more interesting than it would have been if we stayed on the Pedalheads advancement track.

Aiden has been in Little Rippers Stage 2 and bikes from Lynn Valley’s Kilmer Park down into the Inter River Bike Park, taking different side trails in Lynn Valley between snack and lunch time. He’s grown in confidence amazingly, doing hills and stunts that would have freaked him out last week. It’s amazing to see.


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We plan to get Aiden a bike with gears and hand-brakes within the year, either repeating this level or going to the Extreme Riders .5 group in our next session. If that’s the case, Aiden may win the argument and get the full-face helmet he’s been dreaming about!! I just bought him a new helmet, but full-face seemed like overkill for road riding. 

Brockton School Playground

Brockton School is a private school in Lynn Valley. We paid many visits to the playground last year while Aiden was taking Pedalheads. Since the class was short, and Damien was with me, we spent a lot of time playing on the play structures. 

The playground offers older play materials, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I find some of the older play equipment is more fun than all the new “safe” stuff. There were lots of play options for kids of many ages.

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A Year of Kindergarten & Preschool

When Aiden entered Kindergarten this year, I knew he was ready. Though he’ll always be one of the youngest (and probably shortest) kids in his class, he rose up to meet every challenge. Aiden blossoms in school. It suits his needs for structure and for socialization – two things he’s always needed – and he grew so much emotionally, socially and as a student as well. He has made a lot of new friends, is engaged in school, and is excited to learn. We were very lucky both with class composition and with teacher and I’ll forever be grateful that his first year in so school was so special.

Aiden’s favourite classes are music and library time, though he also loves math, reading and art activities at school. 

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Though we don’t hear much from Aiden about his days at school, he looks forward to each and every day and always comes out with a smile (and a hungry tummy!). I’m so proud of all he’s achieved this year. And just look at how much he’s changed! Onward to Grade 1 now (eek!)

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Damien, as well, had his first half-year of Preschool, starting in January. As a May baby, he’ll be starting Kindergarten at 5.5, instead of the nearly 5 that Aiden was. While I’m ok with this, it will mean he’s in preschool for a longer time (2 more years) and, given his engagement at school and his keen interests in learning, he may be quite ready by then. He’s already showing interests in learning to sound out words!

Damien did really well in preschool, adjusting quickly to drop-offs (most of the time), and learning to play with other kids (most of the time). He’s spirited and independent, with most of his interests being in very solo activities (making music). That said, he is learning to branch out into parallel play with other kids who have other interests, and this is nice to see. Occasionally he’s struggled with aggressive tendencies, but it has come and gone. We’re working on it and I feel he’ll be a different kid once September rolls around again. 

Here’s to a Summer of adventures!!

Decals Are The Easiest Way to Redecorate

Not for the first time, I have turned to decals to redecorate for the boys. For 3 years, Aiden has had a cute train decal in his room (which was his first upgrade from his nursery style), but he’s grown up again (eek!) and it was time to reflect that in his room.

Though his room is still painted the baby-green colours, Aiden’s yet to notice that (yay!) and so I’ve simply made changes where we could. He has Star Wars sheets with a simple blue comforter cover, which will allow us to modify his room without fully investing in new bedding. Sheets are inexpensive to change! I upgraded his curtains from green stripes to plain blue. And I purchased new wall decals. 

IMG 9054IMG 9058IMG 9060

Given his room is already covered in Star Wars art, and Star Wars is more “acceptable” to us geeks than Pokemon for decor, I researched decals and again went back to etsy for my purchase. There were more decals than I could have ever imagined, but I opted for the X-Wing because it is so striking, and the black seemed simple. I carried it through with some very inexpensive decals I picked up on Amazon

It was so fun to surprise Aiden with his room makeover!!

A while ago, we surprised him with a new bed (from Costco). Though we had a convertible crib, we always thought we would move to a larger house soon, and that never happened. With the addition of more furniture to his room (side table, book case), a double bed would have eaten up too much floor space. In the end, we’re happy with the bed we purchased! We have so far kept the crib, in case we ever do want the full matching furniture set in a larger house (or wish to sell it). Costco has great bed selections – we love the storage on this one! – and even many trundle beds, another great option.

Fishworks in North Vancouver: A Review

Despite living in North Vancouver for many years, we ate at Fishworks for the first time this past Sunday. Fishworks was created to fill a void for great seafood on the North Shore and embraces timeless dishes with a contemporary feel. The menu had lots of amazing options.

IMG 9156

I dined on the tuna tataki and the Fishworks Bouillabaisse. I’m a sucker for a good bouillabaisse and I am so glad that this did not disappoint. I find it’s ether a dish that disappoints or it’s lovely! At Fishworks, the portions were huge, I couldn’t even finish! Neither could Ianiv finish his carbonara!

IMG 9155

Date night logo not good kids

Our service at the restaurant was great, though we ended up closing up the place. We arrived at 8:30 and were told the kitchen closed at 9, though I wasn’t warned about that when reserving. I was actually surprised to find the restaurant empty so early! Any idea why this could be?!

The only downside to the night for me was a really terrible martini! I did not enjoy the olives at all (they tasted like soap?!), so as a ‘dirty’ martini, the whole drink was ruined for me. 

The Active Mama Restaurant Review Guide names Fishworks as date-night worthy(heart) and a girls night contender (martini), but not a kid-friendly choice. Though I’m all for taking kids to nice restaurants, they have to really enjoy seafood to come with you here!

91 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver