Shipyards Christmas Market

As huge fans of the North Shore Green Market Night Market, we were very excited to check out the new Shipyards Christmas Market, held in the building directly North of the Shipyards stage / square. The market launched on Friday and is set to “ramp up” during the upcoming weekends (it runs Friday – Sunday) and includes local artisans and live music. 

IMG 2287

The original plan for the market was to include an outdoor ice skating rink, but the latest flyer doesn’t include these details, so I am guessing something put a stop to that. 

Our initial impression of the market was that it was a wonderful assortment of vendors, some with great gift options, but that it wasn’t in any way Christmas-related. There was a wreath up? None of the vendors had Christmas-related items, but definitely as a source for gifts, that would work.

For us, we went for the music. Exposing our kids, particularly Damien, to live music is a high priority for us. Hearing that the Adam Woodall was playing decided it for us, since the boys both enjoyed their performance so much during the summer. Indeed, they had so much fun again this past Friday. 

The venue is not large, and isn’t warm, but it has potential. Don’t expect it to be fancy. Don’t expect more than 1-2 food trucks at a time. And don’t expect indoor washrooms (you need to go outside to the washroom portable). But still, a great addition to North Vancouver and I look forward to returning. Especially for the Pocket Pies. 

A Week of Art

Aiden and best-bud Zayden are currently obsessed with art. Every morning and every afternoon they are at the table pulling out markers and stencils and papers and scissors and other materials hard at work on their creations. I don’t quite know where this art attack came from. But it began with a leaf:

IMG 2229

The boys picked leaves on the way home, deciding first to paint them, then to use glitter glue instead. They used a lot of glitter glue (note to self: buy more glitter glue), but their creations were beautiful. Following that, they have been doing full-page creations all this week. Covering every part of the page with colour (especially blue skies – the poor blue markers!). This is very unusual for Aiden, who likes to create art but rarely colours it in. 

These creations are taking hours to complete, page after page. Their usual play time has been completely abandoned in favour of art. And only art. 

IMG 2459

The Dreaded Potty Training

Today I decided to start potty training Damien. He’s shown some signs of readiness for a couple of months… but not all of them. The thing is, I don’t think he’s the kid who is going to say “Hey, I’m having a pee!” while wearing his diaper. That’s just not like him. So, for us it was more about timing. When did we have approximately a week that wasn’t filled with a crazy number of activities and things? Well, that was this week. Well, from today onward anyway. 

IMG 2448

Staying at home was not easy for either of us. Damien was desperate to go somewhere. Anywhere. He played really well at home, but he’s not used to so many sedentary activities. He’s used to much more active play and a lot of walking for school pick-ups!! We took him to a cafe in the morning before we began potty training, but I won’t do that tomorrow. It will be diaper free from the moment he’s awake. I do hope, however, to possibly get him into underwear in the afternoon to take a walk or something close by. 

The morning involved a lot of me cleaning the floor, but this afternoon saw greater success. He was initiating more trips to the potty and only had 1 accident. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

I hate potty training. 

Christmas Lights Are Going Up at Park & Tilford

Park & Tilford Gardens is a hidden gem in North Vancouver. So few people take advantage of these amazing gardens right in the heart of the City. We go there frequently, either after a coffee or when we’re out getting groceries. Whether you spend 5 minutes or a half hour, it’s a great little oasis. 

IMG 2420

IMG 2425

Today Damien and I spent about 5 minutes in the gardens after we got groceries. It was late for him, close to his nap, but he was so excited about the Christmas lights going up that he ran through it all anyway! “Christmas! More Christmas! These not ready yet (off), these ones ready now!! Look, Christmas!!”

The Holiday Hi-Light Festival will begin on November 28th and I would recommend you make a visit a part of your holiday traditions. We’ll be there a few times I’m sure! You can find all the details about this year’s event here.