Aiden’s First Conference & Controversy

At the start of May, we took Aiden to his very first conference – Northern Voice! We have been a part of the conference for all of its 6 years and I can credit the conference with helping to ‘launch’ my professional blogging career. The conference has always welcomed families, so we felt like it was a good chance for us to spend time with friends and to introduce our little geek around.

Image by Derek Miller

Taking Aiden to a 2-day all-day conference was a lot of work. We knew this. We expected that most of our time would be spent outside the sessions, which it was. We hoped to be able to nap Aiden in the kids room, but unfortunately that room had to become the registration room due to some unexpected fire regulations. I had a difficult time getting Aiden to nap and ended up only getting him 1 nap each day for the hours of 9:30 to 3 – his other naps for the day were in the car seat on the way to and from UBC.

Scales & Aiden in his custom-made ‘Bloggable’ tee in honor of the Northern Voice catchphrase / Image by Derek Miller

So, our little guy was a bit tired and a bit cranky, but he was still a charmer. He was practicing his new happy-yell a bit too much, and that led us to some controversy at the event. We were asked to leave the keynote, without warning, and didn’t feel welcome back after. It was a pity and sparked a huge debate. Lots was said about “babygeddon” online, but I don’t want to comment on that.

Let’s just say that we had a great time, it was tiring, but we are happy we took Aiden out. We look forward to going again next year.

I will, sometime soon, put together a “Family Friendly Conference Tips” post to help conferences that want to be family-friendly to understand the issues.


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  1. Raul says:

    I have lots of photos of you, Aiden and Ianiv on my Flickr if you want to use them too :) I'm glad you brought Aiden. I'm meeting with Isabella tonight and we are going to discuss how to make MHC Vancouver kid friendly (because, you know, Post Partum Depression is one of the most important forms of depression!)

  2. In this photo, Aiden looks like he is putting in his two cents about the conference.

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