Dutailier Recliner: Review

After we’d purchased our furniture from Jack & Lola, we received a call that their rocking chairs were going on sale. I think they were just calling their ‘big spenders’, but it worked. We hadn’t purchased a rocker yet and we’d already sort of chosen one we liked. We took it immediately!

I knew just aesthetically that I didn’t want a wooden rocker. I wanted something that looked like a livingroom piece of furniture so that we could transition its use later. Because our style is somewhat contemporary / classic, we liked the Dutailier models we saw. We opted for leather, vs fabric, also out of aesthetic reasons and thinking it would be easier with baby puke.

Baby's RoomDSC_6709

The recliner we purchased was a part of the Dutailier Prestige / Comfort Recliner family. It glides and also reclines. We don’t use the recline position much, though I used it a fair amount in my last trimester of pregnancy. I suspect it will also get used once again at the time when we move the chair to our living space.

If you are purchasing a chair for breastfeeding, go for comfort first. I think the need for a gliding footrest or a reclining chair is unnecessary for breastfeeding (those are huge features they try to sell you on). Even if you end up “sleeping” in the chair holding your child, it’s hard to do so in the recline position and you can use any old footrest to get your feet up.

The chair is SUPER comfortable and I wish I could sit in it for more than the short times for breastfeeding that I do!


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  2. Wendy says:

    We bought the Intermezzo glider and ottoman for our nursery in 2008.
    As soon as it was delivered we couldn't use it for over a month due to off gassing, that was disappointing but I couldn't wait to use it.
    When I did get to use it, it was kind of stiff while rocking. I thought we just had to work it in.
    After using it for a few months it did not loosen up at all and you needed effort to get it to rock because it kept getting stuck.
    I called the customer line in Quebec and they sent me new bearings that did not belong to the chair I owned.
    By this time it has been over a year and my chair is not under warrantee any more.
    The back cushion has NO support and opens up a big gap when sitting in it.
    The seat cushion angles down ward at the front when locked and doesn't have a lot of support at the back either.
    When rocking it is still stiff and you have to force it to rock, it now has a lot of side to side give and it makes noise when ever we use it, even when it's locked.
    We bought the ottoman to go with it. We are more satisfied with that but it makes noise too.

    This is the most expensive chair I've ever paid for thinking that I would get years and years of use out of it… unfortunately it's the crappiest chair I've ever bought and I wouldn't pay $100 for it. Yes, it's very attractive to look at but that's where it stops.

  3. arieanna says:

    Sorry to hear you have had less-than-happy results with your chair while ours has been so great. We've had no problems with it at all and I find it extremely comfortable. Because we bought a floor model, we also had no off gassing. I hope the company addresses your concerns in time.

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