Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow: Review

We bought a less-known breastfeeding pillow while I was still pregnant. I went into a couple of stores to “try on” the pillows, sitting with them and imagining holding my baby. Of course, that’s rather a difficult thing to imagine. At the time, I ruled out any pillow that had a back attachment, as that just seemed darn uncomfortable. I also found some too snug about the body, making them uncomfortable in our chosen breastfeeding chair.

Aiden Riley Schweber

I chose the Bosom Baby nursing pillow because it was very pliable, large and soft. I’ve been very happy with the purchase. I would suggest that it is far easier to use in a chair than on a couch because the arms help you to keep the pillow in your chosen position. When Aiden was small, I had to prop a pillow under the corner when I used it in bed or on the couch.

The pillow served well as a place for Aiden to sleep while he hated his bassinet, and was very comfortable for me. It’s still great, particularly as I use it only in the rocking chair. You can, as the website suggests, also use it for tummy time. I didn’t try to use it for a maternity pillow – I had the Snoogle for that (downside of the Snoogle pillow is that it’s pretty squished now for pregnancy #2).

Purchased from Jack & Lola

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