Things That Suck About Breastfeeding A Toddler

Dear Aiden,


We’ve had a lot of ups and downs with this breastfeeding thing. You were very good at nursing, right from day 1, even though it took Mommy some time to make all the milk you wanted. You kept at it and, really, it was your favourite thing to do. You even did it while sleeping.

Now you’re almost one year old, a toddler!, and I plan to keep right on breastfeeding you – even though 12 months was my initial goal. However, I’d like to ask that you refrain from the following:

  • Biting me. I know you don’t do this often, but I’m not a toy or a teether.
  • Pinching me. I know that roll of fat that gets created when I hunch over is quite appealing, but mommy doesn’t love being pinched.
  • Giving me a dental exam. My teeth are just fine, I just saw a dentist. No need to go poking around.
  • Cleaning my nose. I prefer a Kleenex.
  • Pulling my hair. I know you think it’s pretty, but you need to be gentle with Mommy like you’re gentle with the cats.
  • Making me do gymnastics to nurse you. I already go to the gym, so I’d prefer if you nurse in the position you’re put in rather than squirming and kicking and rolling, making me shift and move to nurse you.
  • Nursing only on the left side. The right side is perfectly acceptable too and it really misses you.

I know our days are probably past when I can just nurse you anywhere and anytime. Nursing can be a very special time together, so please just enjoy it! I hope we can continue to enjoy these moments together for some time. Just… please remember I’m not a toy.



6 comments for Things That Suck About Breastfeeding A Toddler

  1. Carla Karreman says:

    Oh so sweet Arieanna, brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could turn back the clock.

    • arieanna says:

      I sat down to write a “things i love about breastfeeding post”, but this was more fun. But really, I do love it. I love when he looks up at me and pats my face, smiling. I love that *I* am making *him* grow. I love the way it makes him smell. I love just the closeness. It’s an amazing thing!

  2. Jessica says:

    One of these days we should write a post about what we’re looking forward to about the end of breastfeeding, so that the thought won’t be so emotionally upsetting. Personally, I can’t wait for underwire again!

    • arieanna says:

      Ugh, that’s true! I’m tired of the “uniboob” in photos. Man. Also looking forward to not smelling like milk when I workout.

  3. Kirstennola says:

    Fantastic! And exactly where I am right now. Thanks for posting!

  4. arieanna says:

    It will all get better!

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