Anti-Breastfeeding Doctor

Yesterday, during Aiden’s 12-month check-up, I had confirmation that my Doctor is, indeed, anti-breastfeeding. I had suspicions before, after she quickly put Aiden on formula at 3 days old and when, at 6 months old, she urged me to add a bottle of formula back into his day just for the “added benefit.” We didn’t, of course, since he was breastfeeding just fine. But, yesterday trumped all.

The doctor began innocently enough, asking if I had yet started Aiden on whole milk. I said I had not, but was considering adding some into his day either with meals or after naps. I said I planned to continue breastfeeding. To that statement, she said things such as…

“It’s unfortunate that Canada has adopted the WHO standard to breastfeed past 1 year.”

“If you don’t wean at one-year, you may have a boy who is still breastfeeding in pre-school.”

“He needs 20oz of milk per day to get enough calcium and vitamin D. Cheese and yogurt are not enough. How do you know how much breastmilk he’s getting? Do you measure it? He is probably only getting 2oz per feed, and that’s definitely not enough.”

“In Africa, mothers breastfeed because they have to. In an industrial society, we have the opportunity to do better by our children.”

“Past 4 months, babies have all the antibodies they need from breastmilk and that’s enough.”

And what does she justify her opinions on? Her 18 years of experience. She doesn’t acknowledge the bodies of research that indicate that breastfeeding is highly beneficial for both mom & baby.

Sure, I’m open to adding in whole milk. I know Aiden doesn’t always nurse well during parts of the day. But I think it’s highly irresponsible for a Doctor to imply that it is unnecessary to continue breastfeeding my baby.


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  1. Ouch, no doubt. It’s shocking that any doctors are following such old-school methods. When my older son turned 1 I added in whole milk at lunch time and on his cereal and he nursed morning and night until he was 20 months… then we switched to just nights. This time around I haven’t nursed since my baby was 8 months, but for entirely different reasons. Breast milk definitely has more nutritional benefit than cow’s milk… I mean, unless you’re talking about feeding a calf.

  2. arieanna says:

    I know, right?! Aiden’s best nursing session is first thing in the morning for a good 10 minutes. He is sometimes good at other times, but not nearly as good. So I know there’s no harm in adding in some more milk (I really didn’t want to bother with formula), but I definitely don’t HAVE TO, thank you very much, and by implying it was BAD to breastfeed… I mean, seriously? The scare tactics probably would make some moms stop, which is horrible!

  3. jen says:

    Wow! What is it with doctors recommending formula?? I get it that sometimes it’s necessary and so I’m glad the option is there but Jackson has always been in the low percentiles for weight, and at every visit the dr suggested that I might want to supplement with formula. Well, thanks for your opinion, but no actually I don’t want to. He is happy and thriving and I know that I’m doing the right thing for both him and I. She wanted me to come in every month to check his growth. Those visits always left me feeling so defeated so I haven’t been back since his 6 month shots (he is 10 months now) and meeting all the milestones he should be. Technology and all the advances of the industrial age aren’t always better than millions of years of evolution.

  4. Ashley says:

    Is she from the past? I would understand if perhaps Aiden was showing signs of malnourishment, but to say that when he’s okay is just weird. From what I hear it can be harder to wean after 1 year, but that’s your decision to make not hers. And even the American (US) pediatrics association doesn’t see any harm in it up to 3 years of age. Ultimately you know what is best for your son and should feel ok with disagreeing the doctor and asserting your decision. Personally, if I disagreed with the doctor on several things I’d be looking for a new one even though its a big pain in the butt.

  5. Arieanna says:

    I don’t have a GP at the moment, so this is the OBGYN talking. GPs are hard to find. Of the four taking on patients, I’ve met with one and didn’t like her. I recently learned that the dr I had as a kid will take me back as an existing patient, so hopefully he works out better! I’m super fed up with her about breastfeeding and other stuff too.

  6. Jessica says:

    If only you were my actual sister instead of just my awesome friend who looks amazingly like she could be my sister, then my fabulous doctor would take you on as a patient because he only takes on family members of existing patients.

  7. Anita says:

    Terrible advice! Your beautiful baby looks the picture of health. Phooey on your Dr. Why we think they should be the experts on these issues is beyond me. They are there and trained to dispense medicine, not food.

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