Unintentional Signs

Since Aiden has been taking his time to speak (though he gets closer every day and definitely has a small store of rarely used words now), and we started introducing signs, we almost need to be careful of our hands. Random gestures are ripe for copying – and then expected to be repeated. Especially with books!


Take, for example, the shark. It’s one of the finger puppets he received for Christmas and, by far, is his favourite. Why? Because of the Jaws theme that we use with it. He’ll bring the puppet over to be tickled to the Jaws theme. He’ll put it on his own finger and bop it around.

All of this is ok… but now, when Aiden sees pictures of sharks in his books, he puts his finger up, like he’s waiting for a puppet, and bops it around. Thankfully, we figured out what he meant! So, now that’s his “sign” for shark.

He’s made up similar signs for robot, wind, swimming and elephant. If there are other gestures he’s picked up from us, we haven’t been able to attach them to a meaning yet.

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