A Car Seat Milestone

Though it is really just a convenience, I’m going to mark it as a milestone. Since our car went out for service today, when it came back we decided to flip Aiden’s car seat to forward facing. Though our model of car seat can be rear facing until 40lbs, 20lbs past the legal requirement (if baby is past 12 months), Aiden’s long legs have been seeming cramped. So, we flipped him around:


He’s taking one nap. Down to breastfeeding just 2-3 times a day (morning, before nap, 1 time at night if he wakes). Where did my baby go??



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  1. Karen says:

    We just switched Robert (6 months old and 18 pounds) over to a convertible seat and we plan to keep him rear-facing in that seat until he is 40 pounds. There are many safety benefits to extended rear-facing, and it is okay for their legs to be touching the back of the seat, and even to be quite bent.

    Transport Canada has this to say:
    “It is okay if your child’s legs touch the back of your vehicle seat, as long as your child is still below the manufacturer’s weight and height limits. Even if your child weighs 10 kg (22 lbs), is able to walk on his or her own and your provincial/territorial law says you can use a forward-facing seat, the rear-facing position is still safer.” (link)

    And here is another great page of info on the safety benefits of extended rear-facing (also see the links at the bottom of that page for further sources):

    I hope this didn’t come across as too preachy! In the end every parent should make whatever decision they feel is best for them and their child. I just wanted to share this information with you and your readers in case anyone wasn’t aware of it.

    • arieanna says:

      We had initially planned to keep him rear-facing until 40lbs too (our car seat works that way), but opted for the change for a few reasons:
      – he seemed uncomfortable with his legs scrunched up
      – he was unhappy facing to the rear

      Overall, given the safety of the seat in either direction, we felt it was a good choice.

  2. jessica says:

    We made the decision to put Zayden in the front-facing position for similar reasons. He was still in a bucket seat until a few weeks ago (we had one that was good to 30lbs and 81cm). At 23lbs. and 77cm, we thought we would keep him in a while longer, but he had other ideas. He would arch his back, try to stand up and be generally uncooperative whenever we tried to belt him in. Once we’d successfully got him in the seat, he would often whine and complain throughout the drive. He was clearly uncomfortable and bored. Since putting him in a larger, front-facing car seat, we’ve had no struggles to get him into his seat and he happily babbles to us as we drive. I think it was the right decision for us.

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