Aiden on his Wishbone Bike

A couple of weeks ago, I learned of the Wishbone Bike from a friend and immediately went out to buy one. I’ve always intended to buy Aiden a balance bike, but those are marketed to kids 2+. Tricycles are also aimed at that age, since the ability to pedal is not something kids at Aiden’s age can figure out yet.

However, the Wishbone Bike is aimed at kids 12+ months!!


The Wishbone Bike starts with 3 wheels – a stable and light base for kids to push themselves along. Later on, it converts to a 2-wheel balance bike. Not to be outdone, the frame flips over when the child is 4-5 and becomes a taller balance bike – one of the tallest on the market.

Aiden can successfully get on and off the tricycle and push himself forward. He doesn’t get much speed yet, just barely reaching the ground, but I figure that, with regular practice, he’ll be flying along by summer time.

Also, he may get a little upgrade on his birthday – the temptation to pimp out his ride is just too much!


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