Yes, I Let My Kid Eat That…

I admit it. I’ve been a judgmental non-parent and even a judgmental parent about what I see other kids eating. “I would never let my child eat that,” I’ve thought. “All that toddler food is just marketing,” I would say. Oh, how I’ve eaten my words.


When Aiden was first introduced to solids, he’d eat just about anything. So, I gave him healthy choices – food we ate, but chunked or pureed up a bit. I definitely adhere to the “eat what we eat” philosophy.

As he grew older, and went through picky stages, I’ve relaxed a bit. Rice crackers and bananas may have cut it for snacks when Aiden was younger, but he demands more variety now. Trying to come up with 3 meals and 2 snacks a day is exhausting, so pre-packaged snacks, in particular, have invaded my home. I’ve also realized that a few “bad” foods are really not a big deal if the overall week-long diet is pretty balanced.

So yeah, I let my child eat THAT.

  • french fries
  • cookies
  • goldfish, or other assorted cheddar/animal snacks
  • cappuccino or mocha foam. He loves it.
  • A vast variety of toddler-snacks. Puffs and bars and fruit twists galore.
  • Mum-mums. I was all for the rice crackers (sugar free, one ingredient!), until Aiden decided they were too boring
  • Packaged applesauce – handy won out over homemade

Lest you think I feed my child a horrible assortment of foods, his most common snacks at home are cucumber and edamame. We don’t eat fast food, though fries and burgers may adorn our plates at restaurants. We try to eat organic, though not to extremes.

At the end of the day, Aiden eats, and mostly well. I’ve learned that keeping him happy and full is worth relaxing my standards a bit.

P.S. – I also provide a snack cup in the car more frequently than I’d like to admit.

What about you? What foods do your kids eat that you never thought you’d “let” them?


3 comments for Yes, I Let My Kid Eat That…

  1. harriet says:

    All of the above! We even have flavored yogurt now (gah!). Honestly, we drove by MacDonald's the other day, I looked at it wistfully. I suddenly understood why parents feed their kids fast food: they'll eat it!

  2. Justin says:

    Mostly the same as you, although you probably know why – they seem to pick up food likes from each other. It's a mixed bag (Kiwi vs. Cheddar Bunnies)

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