Fill Your Own Bottle: Review

We have a rather large assortment of drink cups in our house. They are all straw based, or at least have a nozzle of that sort. The SafeSippy was great, but it took Aiden forever to figure out how to lift it to drink, so it wasn’t used often for a while. The Munchkin is our livingroom water bottle. Meanwhile, I wanted a portable and leak-proof bottle I could toss to Aiden in the car seat. One of those I tried was the Fill Your Own bottle.

The bottle is stainless steel with an option of cap (pop-up straw, sports, etc). We have the pop-up straw. I love that the bottle is stainless steel. It’s easy for me to toss the bottle into a bag with the cap on, though I do need to watch Aiden while using it. If he tosses the bottle away and the straw gets pushed down, it can spill.

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Disclosure: I purchased the bottle myself, though there are kick-backs if you use the above link to purchase a bottle of your own.

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