Parades Were Invented for Toddlers

Last Sunday we took Aiden out for Lynn Valley Days. Despite some toddler difficulties in getting him from the car to the park (ugh, tantrums), it was worth the difficulty. He was mesmerized by the parade. Though the parade was not very tightly clustered (bad flow), he sat for all of it. I’m sure the popcorn and his first freezie helped. The close-up fire engine noise did scare him a bit, but he loved the bands and anyone who was dancing or riding on bikes.

We tried to take him into a bouncy castle, but that was a fail. He freaked out. He rode the mini train alone without freaking out too much. We browsed a few booths and called it a day. The parade was enough.

Really, parades must be made with toddlers in mind. I can’t think of any other age group more “into” the parade than the young toddlers.

Do your toddlers like parades too? At what age did your kids begin to find parades “boring”?


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  1. harriet says:

    We went to a great neighbourhood festival and surprisingly, he spent much of it in the stroller happily watching all the pomp and pageantry. I worry about him disappearing.

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