The District Restaurant Review

We have been to The District many times. Ianiv & I have been going there regularly since they opened, we have taken Aiden there a couple of times, and my last trip there was with Jessica & Nicola as part of our Girls Day Out. The restaurant has expanded and changed a good deal since it first opened in 2007.

Based on my last experience, I’d say that The District is feeling more like “upscale pub” than “trendy restaurant”. I’d say it felt a bit more like the Alibi Room or Bin 942 to begin with and, though still serving a great menu and assortment of beer, it does not feel quite as much like I’m getting spoiled there as it used to. If that makes sense.

If you want a fantastic steak, The District is the place to be. It’s great for beer lovers too. As for families, expect the food to take a little longer than your traditional family restaurant, especially at peak times.

P.S. For anyone who has known this establishment a long time… I miss the green beans!!


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  1. Jessica says:

    Their mussels are really good too, but I do miss some of the items from their old menu. The green beans were delish and they had some nice pasta dishes too.

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