Mahon Park & Spraypark Review

There are 5 water parks in North Vancouver, with one of the most popular being Mahon Park, also known as Confederation Park. We’ve taken Aiden half a dozen times to Mahon, though he’s quite shy around the spraying water, as you can see in this set. The park can get quite busy in the summer months, with families flocking for picnics and playtime in the spray park and the playground area.

The park features a large track, washrooms & first aid, spray park, playground structure, little car structure, swings and some nature walks that take you through to a nice pond (though I’ve yet to do this!).

Because the park is so busy, we have been avoiding it of late and have been trying alternate water parks instead. However, I imagine that as Aiden gets older, more social and less water-wary, he’ll enjoy this park immensely!


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  2. Brenda says:

    I love this water park,,,I grew up there,,,, and every year we have my daughters birthday party there to,,,

  3. Sarah says:

    fyi, Confederation Park is a totally different park in North Burnaby (not North Vancouver) but also has a great water park

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  5. […] When most people consider spray parks in North Vancouver, they list Mahon Park. As the most central “City” park, it can get quite busy here. The water park features many moving spray pieces and some smaller spray features, but can get overrun by older kids running around. I know my kids have always found it intimidating. For parents of younger kids, beware the stairs, as they aren’t clearly marked and I’ve seen many kids fall down them. Read my review of Mahon Park here. […]

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