New Brighton Pool Review

After the traffic and parking insanity of our trip to Second Beach Pool, we decided to try out New Brighton Pool, which is just a hop over the Second Narrows Bridge. Most people don’t even know it’s there.

I actually have wanted to take Aiden here for a long time, but I wasn’t sure how kid friendly it was. In fact, I spent some time beforehand trying to find pictures of it online all to no avail. Anyway, we went with a few other families and were pleased to find that there was a great shallow incline area for the kids as well as a toddler slide.

The slide is not as big or exciting as the one at Second Beach, so we had to entertain Aiden a bit more than otherwise (also, we went at 10am, and he is SO not a morning person). Just based on convenience, this would be my outdoor pool of choice!

Just a note, I hear parking can be annoying here too come afternoons. They suggest you drop people off, run out to pay and get your stamp, then park the car.

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