Boston Pizza Kids Menu Rocks

Although we often default to White Spot for a quick & easy family meal, particularly in groups, I really have to give props to Boston Pizza for catering to kids. It’s not my favourite restaurant for food for myself, but their kids menu is great.


Although the menu features the regular unhealthy kids fare options of all other restaurants, they do offer baked salmon for those kids who’ll eat it, and Aiden will most definitely eat their steamed veggies. Unlike the stale veggie sticks at White Spot, he actually gets his veggies this way.

The restaurant will offer crackers before the meal, wipes for after, and a whole mini colouring book for the little guys. It’s quite a nice set-up. The only downside to the menu is that a drink isn’t bundled into the meal price, like it is at some places. But, it’s not a dealbreaker.


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  1. Jessica says:

    We've eaten there a few times with Zayden. I also have to give them props for having so many meal options. Most places its just a burger, a pasta dish and chicken fingers. They really offer a variety of choices though the salmon we ordered for Z was a little dry. The steamed veggies were a hit.

  2. Nicola says:

    I really liked the kids menu at BP also. We also had a dessert offered after the meal, I always picked the fruit cup for E. They offered some healthy choices which is a big plus for me.
    My only complaint was the size of the meal. I found them to be rather large for a small child to eat but maybe older children eat more.

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