Robot Bib is a Success

When Aiden was younger, we spent months looking for the ‘perfect bib’. Our favourite in the end was the JJ Cole Waterproof Bib. That was, of course, until Aiden decided he would no longer wear plastic bibs. He wanted fabric. Ugh. Large toddler-sized cloth bibs are impossible to find, though we had a small stack we’d use before we’d have to do laundry. They weren’t exactly clean for every use.

A few days ago, I spotted a plastic bib at Whole Foods from Crocodile Creek with robots on it and thought we’d give it a try again. Aiden loves robots and is always extremely excited to wear shirts with robots on them. We gave it a shot and… success! So it was all about playing to Aiden’s tastes, in the end.

Finally a bib we can keep clean!


2 comments for Robot Bib is a Success

  1. Look at that healthy food! And a bib. I abandoned bibs about a year ago in favor or shirtless eating. *sigh*

  2. arieanna says:

    I honestly don't put a bib on him most of the time, so he just gets messy shirts. He hates taking off or putting on clothes.

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