Aiden Loves Thomas and Friends

Aiden likes trains

Aiden is a huge fan of the Thomas and Friends franchise. He actually received his first set of Thomas trains when we were still in the hospital with him!

Since then, his collection of trains has grown to include 3 different sets as well as a few extra train pieces. If we had more room, we would for sure have a train table. Until then, Aiden makes do with various smaller configurations of trains on the floor – always featuring at least one hill. He loves hills and bridges.

Aiden’s favourite train is Percy, so we got him a motorized Percy for Christmas. It caused a little bit of initial frustration for Aiden, when he couldn’t push it on his own, so now he has a classic wooden one too.

Aiden’s love of Thomas and Friends includes many toys and books, including:

Aiden may love Thomas, but it’s not yet an obsession. He’ll read about any train; his current favourite train books include Busy Trains and The Little Engine That Could. Additionally, while you’d expect Aiden to watch a lot of Thomas videos, he actually prefers Dora the Explorer.


4 comments for Aiden Loves Thomas and Friends

  1. karmavore says:

    Theo loves his little tanks now and brings them everywhere. Favorite shows; however, are The Wiggles and Minuscule.

    • arieanna says:

      What is the latter about? Aiden went through a stage watching Wiggles clips, but refuses to watch the show now. Who knows why :)

  2. karmavore says:

    Just Youtube – > minuscule – 5 minute episodes – absolutely exquisite. All about bugs.

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