Aiden at 28 Months

It’s been a fast month, though it doesn’t really feel like it on a daily basis! Each day I wake up to realize that yes, I’m still pregnant, and ugh, is it over yet? And yet, time is flying by for Aiden. In fact, I realized when writing this how few photos we’ve taken of Aiden in the past couple of months with our SLR – I hope we can get back into the habit of taking nicer photos. Really, they make a world of difference in terms of capturing memories:

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Aiden has continued to love the things he loves – being at playgroups, reading books – while on other things he goes through bouts of being a very typical toddler (eating, wanting things his way). Facing some troubles with bedtimes and naps, we started waking up Aiden at 7:30ish instead of letting him sleep until 8:30 – this resolved most of our issues, though he’s often very grumpy come nap time. He has a new clock set to ‘morning’ at 7:15, since he was sometimes waking up too early on the new schedule.

Perhaps sensing my growing discomfort with the pregnancy, which is preventing me from playing with him a lot, Aiden has become a great deal more clingy and whiny, particularly at home. He’d watch movies or read books all day if he could! That said, he does seem to be looking forward to becoming a big brother – he talks about the baby all the time.

Here’s a snapshot of Aiden at 28 months:

  • Shoe size: 7 (he doesn’t like the snugness of the 6s anymore, even if these are huge)
  • Favourite foods: oranges, peanut butter on apples, corn, roasted chicken, granola bars, applesauce in the squeeze form, cereal (he mixes bran, Cheerios -aka wheels-, shreddies)
  • Loves to gather facts about anything. I find myself researching dinosaurs, types of trees, train parts.
  • Is sensitive about certain things. Smells are now becoming problematic for him.
  • Spent his first 2 nights away from us – was a complete little angel for both grandmas. Amazing how a grumpy toddler can turn angelic when a grandma walks in ;)
  • Can recognize the whole alphabet, but there are about 6 letters he ‘guesses’ incorrectly sometimes if he sees them. Starting to sing parts of the ABC song.
  • Has to know where we’re going when we leave the house, in detail. It took us a while to realize he wanted a visual idea of the route, not just the destination. He’s learning many names for the areas of North Vancouver as a result.
  • We are pretty sure he knows his right from his left, even if he hasn’t chosen a dominant hand 100% yet for writing, eating etc!
  • Participates actively in circle time again!! He will ask the teachers for songs, yell out suggestions and do the hand movements. Yay preschool for giving him confidence.
  • Aiden loves to say: No way, What are you doing?, Where are we going?, Not Christmas anymore, Aiden no yike it, Aiden smell somefing, want it, I did it!, that was fun
  • Phrases I love to hear: Aiden did it by own self!, Sidewards [for sideways], stegasaurus


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