Welcome to Damien Grayson

We waited a long time to meet him, but on May 20 at 8:20am, we welcomed little Damien Grayson Schweber to this world. He was born at 8lb 14oz and 53cm long (yes, bigger than Aiden).

So far, Damien is a really laid back little fellow. He sleeps better than Aiden did (provided his tummy is full) and is very low-key. He can put himself to sleep when he is put down at his preferred bedtime and is in his bassinet for most of the night (all but the last stretch, which he’s very restless for). He prefers to nap at home rather than on the go, but can nap on the go if he’s fed right before. He is rarely awake except to eat. 

The majority of my baby blues have dissipated, though sometimes I get sad or frustrated when breastfeeding isn’t going as well as I had hoped. I’ve had great support thus far, though, and am settling into being a mom of 2. 

Aiden is adapting to being a big brother, though it’s been slow. We’ve had many temper tantrums, but he is warming up to the idea of being a big brother. Though he hasn’t wanted to hold Damien, he has allowed me to take some photos of the two of them close together, so it’s a start! 

Some day those photos will be downloaded off the camera – until then, thank goodness for iPhone photos! 


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