We Knew He’d Be a Train Boy

Even before he was born, we must have known that Aiden was a train boy… 

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Aiden can’t get enough of his trains… of his toy trains, of reading train books (that’s a post of its own!), of watching train movies or of riding the miniature trains at Confederation Park. When his independent play emerged in full swing, it was through his trains that it was most widely expressed. His imagination creates an endless supply of stories that can keep him occupied for hours going around and around the same track – it’s amazing! Just watch:

Almost every day, Aiden leaves the house clutching a train. His preferred trains to take from home are Toby, from the Thomas and Friends series, or his “big orange train“, a diesel train he got from Lonsdale Quay. He was obsessed with the Polar Express, though we put that series away until next year, and has recently become obsessed with watching videos on YouTube about miniature trains (ride-on or model railway). We also downloaded some Chuggington videos, though I prefer the Thomas stories. 


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  1. Babbydora says:

    He makes it look like I am your meals provider…..

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