Strider Bike Review

We recently purchased a Strider bike for Aiden. He was a pro at his Wishbone Bike in the 2-wheel combination, but never seemed to get the hang of two wheels. He said it was “tippy.” Since there were a couple of instances when he got on other bikes at stores, while refusing his own bike at home, we wondered if it was too heavy for him.

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Since Aiden can be rather temperamental about these things, and we wanted to encourage him to at least try to ride a bike, we opted for the Strider. Damien will be on the Wishbone by next summer (yikes), so we would be looking for a new bike anyway. We loved that the Strider offered tool-free height adjustment.

Aiden took to his Strider right away. Although he has little patience for any activity, he has taken some longer bike rides. He mostly walks his bike, not trusting himself to ‘glide’, but his skill level is improving. He doesn’t usually ask to ride his bike, so I know he’s not in love with it (perhaps because it’s basically just sitting and walking not gliding), but it’s been a good step towards him using the bike.

Did your kids enjoy the run bike concept?


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  1. Anthony says:

    Quinlan got his Strider around 18 months and it took him almost a year before he was gliding around with it. He’d do the same as your Aiden: walk it around. But eventually, through a combination of growing up and seeing other kids using them he’s a pro now. And, having gone the bike-with-training-wheels route with our Aidan a few years before, the Strider is definitely the way to go. It just takes a little time.

  2. Fran says:

    Melanie has a strider and it took her a good year to get into gliding. Although I wonder if this time would be less if our children could play outside for most of the calendar year. Regardless, she seems to enjoy riding her bikes. I have chosen to also have a bike-with-trainers available to her so that she would learn how to pedal. As I have watched her learn both skills, I have found it very interesting that learning how to pedal seems to more difficult since her feet are not safely on the ground. Still, she picked it up as soon as she went for a 'ride' with kids that were a little older than her. Nothing like modeling to make learning fun! All in all though, she loves her Strider bike the best! Great investment!

  3. jencloss says:

    Jackson LOVES his strider. He doesn't pick both feet up and coast often but he's great at gliding. We can barely keep up! He started using it just after he turned two (at Christmas) and in the past few months has really gotten so much better.

    • arieanna says:

      I think it's just a matter of practice. Plus, Aiden has SO many friends in our neighbourhood that he often gets distracted outside. He always wants to go to their houses to get their toys instead! ;)

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