Damien: Sleep Rockstar

PhotoI am proud to say that I have a baby who sleeps!! Damien has now slept 3 nights for at least 13 hours with only one feed!

Damien goes to bed at 6pm (sometimes earlier) and gets his dreamfeed at 10:30 (sometimes he wakes up a little earlier and I feed him then) then sleeps all the way until 7 or so!

Crazy! Amazing! Yay!

After sleep training Damien from 6-9:30pm, Damien has eliminated his night wakings all on his own; all we’ve done is re-enforce his habits. For example, after 2 nights of dropping his 3:30am feed, when Damien woke last night at around that time, I left him to quietly fuss and he was back to sleep in under 5 minutes. 

Sometimes babies wake up and need help going back to sleep; but sometimes, if you give them a chance, they can surprise you! Damien definitely did!

I am SO glad he decided to drop his feed on his own, I wasn’t looking forward to ‘forcing’ it (since keeping it may have caused him to regress & wake more often). I was still tired and the idea of staying up to watch him on the monitor with maybe some crying wasn’t appealing. We knew that 12-16 weeks is a time when babies often regress on sleep, so it was amazing that he did this on his own. 

Our sleep consultant, CheekyChops, says that once babies drop their night feed, they’re usually able to figure out longer naps too. We tried some nap extension training but it was more ‘miss’ than ‘hit’, so we’re waiting a couple more weeks before trying again – he did take one nap of nearly 2 hours by himself, so perhaps he’ll surprise us again and figure them out on his own. Stay tuned!

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