UPPAbaby Vista PiggyBack and RumbleSeat Reviews

Before Aiden was born, we decided to purchase a stroller that would eventually work for two kids. We fell in love with the UPPAbaby Vista and haven’t regretted the decision. My only beef with the stroller was that the seat doesn’t come forward enough, but models 2010 onward have additional seat positions (ours is a 2009). 

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When we were expecting Damien, Aiden was still enjoying the stroller (funny, since he hated it as a baby!), so we opted to get the second seat to start with. The UPPAbaby RumbleSeat is a second seat for the stroller that works for children up to a certain weight limit and can be used with the main seat or the infant car seat – we used both. Aiden had no problem getting in the back seat, though we did find the rain shield slipped back more than we would have liked. The stroller was still manoeuvrable, but it wasn’t as easy. 

Since I really didn’t need to be pushing around an extra 35-40lbs (child plus seat), we told Aiden not long after he turned 3 that he had to start walking everywhere. Given Damien also doesn’t love the stroller, our walks are not very long and this has worked out. 

A couple of months ago, anticipating the warmer weather and knowing that Damien can now snack in the stroller, we bought the PiggyBack to accommodate longer walks. Walking to the library from our house is possible with Aiden, but it’s very very slow and Damien only has *so* much patience, so we’ll do a combination of walking and riding to get there now. The introduction of the PiggyBack made for a lot of tantrums to begin with, since Aiden wanted to ride it all the time, but it has become a powerful tool to get him to leave the park when it’s time to go home. He loves having a chance to “rest” with Damien and having him there really keeps Damien from getting too fussy when he’s tired. 

If you have a child who loves to walk, you may not need either accessory. If you do, I would probably go for the PiggyBack. Although it can be annoying to push (I tend to kick it), it is definitely the most compact option to choose from and gives you a little more flexibility. 


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  1. We used the piggyback board and loved it. We walked all over the city with me pushing my 2. We eventually stopped needing to use it and it was a great way for our oldest to get used to walking longer distances. I also liked how it was easy to snap on and off the stroller frame.

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