Aiden’s Letter to Santa

Aiden wrote his very first letter to Santa this year. He was very excited to write it all by himself, and I encouraged him to use lowercase letters, since he’s quite proficient at writing in uppercase (he only stalls on the ‘s’ and the ‘m’ vs ‘w’). To help him out, I wrote the sentence on another piece of paper, then walked him through writing the letters on his own. He hates tracing, my independent writer. 

Aiden wrote “Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a toy airplane,” though he wanted to write “that spins and has lights,” which I had to cramp in at the end on his behalf. He also drew a picture of an airplane for Santa. We walked up to the mailbox and mailed it right away!

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Let me tell you, I’m just glad he didn’t ask for another Polar Express! The one we got him last year from Santa broke right away and all year that’s what he’s been asking for again, until the last 3-4 months. I am hopeful he’s not disappointed on Christmas morning when he doesn’t get it!


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