Train Boy, v 2.0

It’s no secret that Aiden is obsessed with trains. It’s the one constant in his play – he always goes back to his trains. He has a huge collection of Thomas trains, a special order Mallard when he stopped thumb sucking, a variety of specialty trains (diesel and steam), and even a CN train. We keep our eye out for special train-related gifts, as do his grandmothers. He will occasionally go ‘off’ his trains for a period of time, but it’s never long. Even at age 4, he gets a great amount of joy out of pushing his trains around and around, coming up with sophisticated stories. 

Now that Damien is getting older, he’s taking more of an active role in the train play in our house. He is less likely to purposefully or accidentally pull tracks apart, and seems to enjoy pushing trains around the tracks. His favourite thing is to push trains down hills or through tunnels, to watch the motorized trains go on their own, or to derail the trains he’s playing with, followed by his “what happened?” sign. 

Here’s a video of Damien, our second train-obsessed boy! I’m so glad that Aiden is grooming his train playmate though, because there’s only so many times I can push a train around!

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