Sili Squeeze vs. Little Green Pouch

In the battle of the food pouches, which will reign supreme? The contenders… on the left, the Little Green Pouch; on the right, the Sili Squeeze. Both contenders are filled a homemade smoothie. So, how do the contenders stack up?

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Both the Little Green Pouch and the Sili Squeeze can be filled without the need of any added tools. The Sili Squeeze comes in a variety of sizes, from 2oz to 6oz, while the Little Green Pouch comes in a single 7oz size.

The Sili Squeeze stands easily, with no need to prop the opening to fill the pouch. The opening actually is perfect for fitting in the spout of my Vitamix, so filling is very easy. The Little Green Pouch was a bit more finicky, and I found I spilled along the zipper opening, requiring clean-up. I also didn’t have a perfect idea of when it was “full”, since you have to squish it a bit to close it. I felt like it held less than the Sili Squeeze, despite its larger capacity.

WINNER: Sili Squeeze


Both have caps that close to prevent spilling. The Little Green Pouch lays more flat, so it fit nicely in our lunch box. That said, it got squished and the zipper seal failed, so that created quite a mess. We’ve never had a leak with our Sili Squeeze.

WINNER: Sili Squeeze


The spout on the Little Green Pouch is more like store-bought food pouches, so little ones can easily manage the transition. The flexible plastic packaging made it easy for my toddler to squeeze out the smoothie until it was almost done.

The thicker silicone of the Sili Squeeze makes it harder for my little one to squeeze out. He usually finishes half the smoothie before he needs assistance, though admittedly he often forgets to tilt it up. The Sili Squeeze has two spout options, one faster than the other – we use the free flowing option, which works well.

WINNER: Little Green Pouch


Both products are dishwasher safe, though the lid of the Sili Squeeze needs to be cleaned by hand. The Sili Squeeze comes out of the dishwasher perfectly clean, since it retains its shape, but the Little Green Pouch never gets completely clean.

When washing by hand, I struggle to get my bottle brush into the bottom crevices of the Little Green Pouch, making me feel it’s not entirely clean or free from bacteria growing. Both bottle lids are a bit annoying to get clean, even with a variety of cleaning tools, though the Sili Squeeze lid is the hardest of the two to clean. I find I wish I had something like a Q-tip that was small, but sponged on the end to get into tight spots.

The Little Green Pouch is advertised to last 50 uses each. The Sili Squeeze has no advertised maximum use.

WINNER: Sili Squeeze


The online retail price for the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze is USD$14.99 each. The Little Green Pouch is $14.99 for a set of 4.

WINNER: Little Green Pouch

Which Food Pouch Reigns Supreme?

Despite the higher price, my overall winner is the Sili Squeeze, by far. The ease of filling and cleaning far outweigh the benefits to me of the Little Green Pouch. I was so disappointed with the blow-out zipper and so worried about the potential unclean crevices of the Little Green Pouch that I’ve gone back to exclusive Sili Squeeze use.


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