North Vancouver Night Market A Hit in 2014

Every Friday night that isn’t raining, we head down to the Shipyards / Shipbuilders Square in Lower Lonsdale for the Night Market. This has been our tradition since the Night Market first came to North Vancouver. This year, though? It has been the best year by far. 

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Aside from the awesomeness of having older kids who are more easy going and adaptable, the night market itself is WAY better this year. 

In previous years, we’d arrive early to the Night Market and everything would be behind schedule. Food trucks not there, food trucks not opening by 5, music delayed, etc. Since my kids eat at 5, this was always kind of stressful for us, and annoying when we had to leave before the music started. 

This year? It’s like a whole different market. With over 30 food trucks now, there is at the start a lot more variety. We still arrive early, but this year everyone is ready. Many food trucks are open before 5 and the music has (mostly) been on time. The beer garden is larger (not that we use it) and we have really been enjoying the whole experience. 

If you haven’t yet experienced the North Shore Green Market’s Night Market, come out tomorrow. Maybe we’ll see you there!

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