Lynn Valley Optometry is Great for Kids

A couple of years ago, I decided to switch to a new optometrist. I have a really difficult time finding new glasses and had previously tried two optometrist / eyewear stores that I was kind of unhappy with. After checking out Lynn Valley Optometry with my family during one of the Lynn Valley Village community events, I decided to give them a shot.

I have had great experiences with Dr. Shajani and the entire staff, and have been extremely pleased with their selection of frames and lenses. In particular, I have been pleased with the instruments in place for eye health assessments and in their advice on issues from dry eyes to laser eye treatments. My kids have been seeing Dr. Alison Leung, who does a surprisingly thorough assessment for young children, including our initial assessment when Damien was 1 year old. Both kids actually enjoyed the process.

IMG 6671

In our last visit, both kids walked out with toys and with free sunglasses, and they’re pretty styling sunglasses! They honestly put mine to shame. Here they are enjoying their shades in the kids play room:

IMG 6675

Who can resist these sunglasses? I mean really, I want a pair!!

IMG 7693IMG 7696

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