Exploring Low Tide at Cates Park

A couple of weeks ago, we randomly decided to visit Cates Park and were pleasantly surprised to find the tide was out very far. As most parents know, this is always a good thing, either unearthing soft sand to play in, shallow pools to splash in, or a whole host of critters and creatures to explore in and around the rocks.

Cates Park is a more rocky beach, so exploration was key. We joined the hoards of children armed with buckets and shovels to unearth crabs and hermit crabs and bugs of all kinds. We even chanced upon some small sea stars, but I asked the kids to leave them be and talked about the importance of conservation, particularly given the sickness that hit the starfish population last year. 

IMG 7200

Also “hunting” with us was a majestic heron, who let me get fairly close for some photos and who left some awesome prints in the mud for us to follow. 

Anyone know of a handy way to get updates on the tide information? Is there an email list or anything? I never remember to actually check anything (apps or websites), I’m looking for push information. Thanks!

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