Spray Parks in North Vancouver

Following up with my favourite North Vancouver Playgrounds, I wanted to share with you a review of all the water parks available in North Vancouver. We are lucky that North Vancouver offers so many spray park options that really do cater to all the different ages. There are a total of 5 water parks to choose from in North Vancouver, which you can see on this map.

Water Parks in North Vancouver

Eldon Park

Eldon Park is a lovely tame water park that you could easily spend hours at. The water park is great for more hesitant kids, while the play structure is very toddler friendly. Though I wish they had a larger play structure close to the water park as well, the kids always seem to enjoy the time spent running in the tennis courts, over the grassy fields, or on the old concrete sculptures. An easily accessible washroom is a bonus. Read my review of Eldon Park here.

Mahon Park

When most people consider spray parks in North Vancouver, they list Mahon Park. As the most central “City” park, it can get quite busy here. The water park features many moving spray pieces and some smaller spray features, but can get overrun by older kids running around. I know my kids have always found it intimidating. For parents of younger kids, beware the stairs, as they aren’t clearly marked and I’ve seen many kids fall down them. Read my review of Mahon Park here.

Kilmer Park

Kilmer Park is high up in Lynn Valley and was my favourite water park when Aiden was little. As a kid more tentative with spray parks, he enjoyed a couple of the features here that allowed him to splash or fill buckets without getting sprayed in the face. The playground and surrounding forest areas offer great exploration options for kids who need to run off some steam. Read my review of Kilmer Park here.

Viewlynn Park

Viewlynn Park is the community favourite as far as spray parks go. With less older kids taking over the show, and fewer moving spray options, kids of all ages can get in and splash while there are plenty of shaded areas for parents to set up blankets. Read my review of Viewlynn Park here.

Myrtle Park

Myrtle Park was the water park I grew up knowing, as well as my preferred playground. As a ‘Deep Cove girl’, it was my favourite place to play. The park was recently upgraded with a new splash pad, sings and a large play structure. The wooded areas are great to explore and continue to be the main draw for most kids. Read my review of Myrtle Park here.

North Vancouver Playgrounds with Water Features

There are also water features in several other playgrounds, including small fountain at St. Andrews Park and at Grand Boulevard Park. If you know of other parks that have water features, leave a comment so I can add it to the list!

Spray Parks Further Afield

John Lawson Park: A West Vancouver Gem

Although this is in West Vancouver, John Lawson Park is an amazing playground with one of the most substantive water parks. Featuring major spray elements, along with gentle rivers and pumps and water / sand combinations, there really is something for every kid here.

If you want to go further afield, popular water parks include Granville Island, Rocky Point Park and the newly renovated Confederation Park. For a more comprehensive list of family favourites, check out VancouverMom.ca’s Top Vancouver Area Spray Parks.


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  1. Margarita says:

    Thanks for sharing these parks! it's always good to have a list ready on those hot summer days!

  2. Roya says:

    Thank you for your post. My husband and I made it a mission to take our kids to a new park every time we are out. I will definitely use your list! And by the way I love those chub chub legs. Baby legs are the best:))

  3. seasidehomeaccents says:

    thanks for posting, I love learning of new water parks in the summer.

  4. […] writing up my review of the Spray Parks in North Vancouver, I knew I had to revisit Myrtle Park to get a better feel for it (and some photos). The park […]

  5. Check out the new Myrtle Spray park which should be completed in November 2014. Kilmer will also be upgraded in the next few years! Stay tuned!

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