Viewlynn Playground and Spray Park

Though many people name Mahon Park when they talk about North Vancouver spray parks, Viewlynn Park is often the favourite for families who have tried several water parks.The spray elements are not as aggressive, and there are great areas for families to set up blankets close by in shady areas under the trees. The playground, though older, has a lot of options for kids of all ages. 

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Oddly enough, it’s the unexpected areas of Viewlynn Park that attract the kids. This decorative garden area is always a fort for several kids. The water fountain also makes for a fun play area for kids who don’t want to be sprayed with water, but who still want to play in the water. My kids also spend time running around in the forested areas, which is rare to find in a City park these days. 

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Though it doesn’t look like much, I think your kids will find this a great park for a sunny afternoon!


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  1. […] Viewlynn Park is the community favourite as far as spray parks go. With less older kids taking over the show, and fewer moving spray options, kids of all ages can get in and splash while there are plenty of shaded areas for parents to set up blankets. Read my review of Viewlynn Park here. […]

  2. fred09red says:

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  3. Jean says:

    Dear Active Mama:

    I can't tell from this post where Viewlynn Park is….can you tell me?

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