Jump Gymnastics Comes to North Vancouver

Jump Gymnastics is the latest child-focused facility to open up in North Vancouver, expanding beyond their existing Yaletown location. With a philosophy on curriculum for “physical literacy,” the program was designed to give kids (6m – 8y) foundational skills to be active in a variety of sports and activities in their lives. 

The new North Vancouver Jump Gymnastics location is East of Second Narrows bridge on Dollarton Highway, in the same complex as Cove Brewing if you are craft beer people like we are ;)

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I had the opportunity to preview the space and try out one of their classes with Damien. Having been through 4 years of the more play-based Gymboree classes with the boys, before the North Van location was closed, and also experiencing the more rigid educational component offered by the Flicka gymnastics club with Aiden, I found Jump to be a nice medium. 

The class is 45 minutes (so is open gym) and includes 10 minutes of free play. The instructional component is broken up into circuits where your child is asked to perform various body movements. At Damien’s level, age 2.5, those included things such as star jumping, balancing on a beam, rolling balls down ramps, or walking across the parallel bars. The class also included some song times. All the components of the class were very age-appropriate and engaging, while also challenging and new. 

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The equipment is great and very interesting for little explorers. The teacher was bright and cheerful and helpful at the more complicated stations. Having been through a number of different gymnastics-like class types, I did feel that 45 minutes was a bit too short and would have preferred a longer class with a mix of free play and instructional time. I know Damien was sad to leave when his class was over! I mean, who wouldn’t want to roll in a pit of balls?!

I also found that the circuits, run one at a time, would get quite busy and it was hard to keep Damien on task. While he follows instructions very well, I think we both would enjoy a more laid back open gym vs a class. There are several open gyms available in their schedule, but most occur during Damien’s nap time and are very short in duration. If you do want to attend one, it’s recommended to pre-register. 

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Jump Gymnastics also has a fantastic space for parties. Parties come with instructional time as well as time in the party room for food and cake, etc. Here are some photos of the upstairs party space:

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  1. jencloss says:

    Is Damien in Jump 2? Lucy is in Jump 1 right now and it is basically 45 minutes of free play. She's the oldest in her class. I like how they only have minimum ages for their classes. We are starting in Jump 2 for the next session. I LOVE the new location. So convenient for us!

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