Our Keats Island Cottage

This past week, my husband and I closed the deal on the purchase of this lovely cottage on Keats Island. It’s still not hit me that this is really ours, I’m feeling quite amazing and lucky about it all!

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For the past few years, Ianiv and I have been toying with the idea of a summer cottage (and a larger house). We live in a 3-bedroom plus office townhouse nestled in a really great community walking distance from Aiden’s school. Finding the right house without doubling our property cost was proving… difficult. It’s an expensive market. 

While we’ve tried to research and juggle both priorities, a summer cottage seemed more like a dream that wouldn’t come true. Most locations we considered, such as the Sunshine Coast, were too expensive. I spent hours researching locations and prices and random lakes all over BC. We even considered border hopping. We decided against an RV community and against a townhouse community. Those felt too “packed in” and not the quiet and nature-inspired cottage life we dreamed of. The idea seemed not destined to happen. 

And yet, it has. Keats Island came onto our radar last summer when we visited some friends there. Keats is a great little island, completely on its own with no local restaurants or stores or other amenities, and yet bursting with a wonderful community and beaches. At the time, we dismissed Keats as an option since it’s more-or-less boat accessible only. Well, you can take a water taxi or a ferry plus Stormaway or water taxi, but it’s a time consuming and expensive process. The goal for us with a cottage was to find somewhere close to Vancouver that would be easy for us to go to anytime we wanted. 

After researching so many other options, buying a boat no longer seemed expensive in comparison with the cost of other locations. Really, a boat was a fraction of the price compared to other cottage destinations, so for us it became a non-issue. We’ll simply buy a boat. And learn how to operate it, of course. So, with Keats back on our radar, we paid a visit to the island to check out all the available houses as well as lots, for building. Building a pre-fabricated home was an option we were considering, but none of the available lots on Keats were very family-friendly (lots of cliffs or rocks that needed blasting). 

The cottage above fit our requirements, plus it came furnished. Since everything large must be barged into Keats, that was a nice perk. The cottage is 3 bedrooms, enough for us to have guests over (and we love the idea of guests!). Since both of us work from home, we can spend more time at the cottage in good weather anytime we want, and yet still return to Vancouver to enjoy the Summer lifestyle we have here. It’s really a win-win for us. 

This weekend, Ianiv and I are headed to our new cottage to clean it and inventory what is there, then winterize it. A big learning process for us. But still, SO EXCITING. 

Island Life here we come!!


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