Rushing Home… Sort Of

Our second night on Keats Island, I received “the call.” You know, the one with sobbing children. Aiden and Damien had been roughhousing (no surprise there) and Aiden had hurt his fingers. Looking at the time, I thought “ok, maybe he’s fine and it just triggered his need to go to bed” so I stayed cheery and asked him to give my Mom a big hug and have a good bath. I promised to sing his song in a later call. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t bounce back. His finger was hurting and then he started complaining of a sore ear. My mom was able to locate our Advil and stayed up with him for a very long night. Damien was up a couple of times too, which was not easy for one grandma!

I received “the call” again the next morning at 7. More crying. We decided Aiden should go to the clinic and I made plans to come home early.

Well, I should have double checked the schedules. Getting off of Keats Island in the Winter is not as easy. There are two main ways to return home: direct water taxi or through BC Ferries. Well, we thought a certain time was the earliest time, not realizing we had forgotten to refer to the water taxi, which had a direct option to get into Horseshoe Bay early that morning. Missing that, I was kicking myself all morning feeling guilty and replaying the crying children in my head. Mom guilt. 

I took the next Stormaway into Langdale to connect with the BC Ferries return trip, but it didn’t connect on Sundays. I knew this, and yet it was still the fastest option at the time. I had to wait 2 hours. With no food beyond what could be purchased from the vending machine. The whole process took me 4 hours, when it could have taken 35 minutes. 

IMG 2119

I made it home to two smiling kids, who of course felt fine after breakfast and Advil (for Aiden). Aiden sprained his finger (it looks like 2 of them) and had an ear infection caused by a super congested nose he’s had for a while now. They were tired and grumpy, but not as my mind had pictured them. What a trip. 

So, today I took them both to the aquarium and let them go at their own pace. I felt like I needed to reconnect with them after the weekend away and the chaos of my return. It was a beautiful morning…. until we had some issues over lunch since the Aquarium appears to have modified some ingredients on their menu and they were no longer to the satisfaction of either child. And so they ended up tired and hungry and super cranky leaving through the gift shop. Ah. The reality of parenting returned. 

IMG 2164IMG 2151

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