The Cottage is Clean

This weekend we went to our new cottage on Keats Island to give it a thorough clean. We thought it looked clean when we purchased it, so we went hoping for some relaxing couples time too. Well, after 8 hours of cleaning a kitchen top to bottom (including the hand washing of every dish and utensil that came with the place), I can say we didn’t get much couples time. We did, however, get a cottage that’s probably cleaner than our current house. 

IMG 2107

We washed 4 beds worth of linens, overflowed the washer twice, shrank the couch slipcovers (boo), accidentally left a footstool in the rain (oops), and discovered the many things we forgot to bring or must soon bring. Our list is enormous. 

IMG 2110

And yet, we have a cottage! And were welcomed into an amazing community! From our reception on the island being handed the keys to a truck to take our stuff across, to the vacuum we borrowed, to the welcome bonfire we sat around late our second evening. And most importantly to the warm welcome by friends who made the daunting work list seem like a trifle in comparison to the amazing experiences we will soon have. 

The cottage is now cleaned and winterized. We look forward to Spring!

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