2015: The Year to Get Organized

I am not one for resolutions, but this year it turns out I have one: Get Organized. Last year, I started a list of “projects” I wanted to accomplish around the home – mostly things that needed to be organized or purged, but some small fix-it projects too. After finishing 80% of that list, I rolled into a new list for 2015. 

IMG 4065

Of course, I managed to more than double the list once I created it, but I was really feeling encouraged. During the Winter break, I managed to complete a number of items on my 2014 list and even some on my 2015 list and I was finally seeing the results. Things were noticeably less cluttered, easier to clean, and my stress level was subsequently much better. I love it when everything is easy to put away and easy to find again. 

IMG 4068

And yes, I’m a little bit crazy. Having 2 boys will do that to you. ;)

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