Travel Essentials for Flying with 2 Kids

As you know, we are flying out tomorrow to go to the Disney Aulani resort in Hawaii. No, I haven’t started packing. But yes, I have done a lot of the prep work that will make packing easier. For example, I have already put together a stash of items to make travel easier with two kids. We fly out at night, so we are hoping (but not betting) on some sleep from the kids during the trip. But we’re arming ourselves with a well-packed backpack for each child.

Travel essentials

  1. PlanetBox Shuttle packed with an assortment of reliable, healthy snacks as well as a few novel treats. We plan to eat dinner at the airport, so we don’t need a full meal on the plane, but snacks are always a good idea. Also a good idea: an empty water bottle per child, an extra bag of snacks for delays or security line-ups.
  2. iPad or phone customized per child. Our kids never get to play on iPads, so this is a treat for them. Though we offer the iPad to Damien in the morning when he wakes up (too damn early), this will be his first time playing apps. We have two iPads, so I’ve customized them per child, with either a movie or tv episodes plus a variety of age-appropriate apps (both educational and gaming).* Don’t forget some kids headphones (though you may want to beware those that limit volume, since planes can be noisy)
  3. New books are great for the airplane, plus they give you most of your nightly reading material for your trip. If you are traveling with devices, you can also install apps such as Reading Rainbow to broaden your library while you’re away. This trip we have a new I Spy for both kids to enjoy, plus a few short story books.
  4. Art supplies are essential in our house. This trip we are packing markers, plain paper, stickers, printed colouring sheets, printed mazes and worksheets from (or an activity book), plus some dry-erase worksheets from school and our Monster Doodles set. Playdoh would work as well, but Damien likes to throw it, so we’re skipping that this time.
  5. Games like Spot It, Rush Hour or I Spy-related games are small and versatile, as are the variety of Haba tin games. You don’t want to take anything with small pieces on the plane, in case they fall down.
  6. Toys that you want on the airplane should be small, like cars or dolls, but versatile for use in the hotel as well. One great tip I’ve read is to pack painters tape to allow your kids to create ‘rooms’ or ‘tracks’ anywhere you are – hotel, airplane – with minimal mess
  7. A warm scarf or mini pillow in case blankets are not available, plus any lovey that your child may need
  8. Extra clothes in case of accidents, packed in a bag, along with an extra pull-up in case nature calls at an inconvenient time.
  9. Wipes and/or kleenex, since messes are inevitable
The last tip is to try to relax! You can’t expect to keep your child on a perfect schedule in the middle of travel. Make sure you pack a bag for your comfort too, whether it’s warm socks or a pillow, or for younger children a breastfeeding pillow. I know the hard way how uncomfortable it is to hold a squirming 2.5 year old for several hours during the night without any support (which is why we’ll never travel with our car seat again).

*Stay tuned for a review of apps for 2 and 5 year olds! I gathered some tried-and-true favourite apps but also tried to research some new ones. My experience with apps is that there are more ‘hits’ than ‘misses’, so hopefully we have found some new gems!


6 comments for Travel Essentials for Flying with 2 Kids

  1. The more I travel with my kids the more relaxed I am about it. When I think back to my anxiety level when we first traveled with the first kid, I just shake my head. We haven't done any major flights and the longest having to sit in one seat was 6 hours. I'm all about the iDevices and treats. I still expect good manners from the kids and they know that. They also know if they are well behaved there just might be lollipops.

  2. eschelle says:

    Great tips!! I totally agree with all of them we're huge fans of ispy books and I would even add audiobooks to the list for the whole family. Great way to pass the time on road trips :)

  3. Jackie says:

    great ideas! I brought a backpack for both my boys with their stuff in it. Helped make the plane ride so much easier, and they had their things when we got there. In the car for a roadtrip we do the same thing

  4. Brandee says:

    Great list! I am a big fan of getting new things for trips too – we have done 2 road trips to California with our dude and it agree with all of these. I love buying new apps for his LeapPad for traveling, I have found that it's the excitement of a new game can keep him occupied for hours. Books are a must too. Have a great trip and I can wait to hear about the new apps you have found and loved.

  5. Bonnie Way says:

    Great tips! We don't travel very often so I'm always wondering what to pack – what's too much, what's not enough? So thanks for the ideas! :)

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