Our New Golf Cart

Since buying our cottage, we’ve been hauling massive loads of stuff from the dock up the hill to our summer getaway. Every time, we complain about the hill and the many trips we have to take. We tell ourselves “We need to get a golf cart!”, which are common on Keats to putter around / haul up stuff. But we kept putting it off. We’d already bought a lot of stuff this year (cottage, boat, etc). But then we took over a BBQ and that was the final straw. Hauling that box up the dock and the hill took forever.

IMG 8129

So, we said screw it, we may as well get the golf cart now and actually make use of it on future awkward items being sent over. It was, of all the things we’ve purchased in the last few months, one of the easiest transactions to complete. The team at Attica were incredibly helpful and had our golf cart customized and ready to ship within a week. They arranged the whole shipping process, including the water taxi. We just had to hand over the money. 

As logical as this sounds, our experience with many cottage-related things has been that money doesn’t matter – there are still a million hoops to go through!

So, huzzah, golf cart! And let me tell you, ripping around in that thing is a lot of fun! I invented many reasons to use it on our first weekend!

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