The New Myrtle Park: Review

Last year, I reviewed Myrtle Park in Deep Cove, which is a park I grew up visiting that had changed very little. During the off-season, the park was given an upgrade, and I recently went back to check it out. Having a new spray park is an exciting thing, after all.

IMG 9774

Myrtle Park retained its “big kids” playground area, removing the older play structure AND the swings area, adding in more green space and a new splash area. While not exactly to the concept drawings, the revised park is still quite nice. Still, I feel like the park got more of an aesthetic upgrade than an actual PLAY upgrade. The AWESOME swing set was removed and replaced with a tiny baby swing set, no big kid swings, and one of the swing rockers that I’m not the biggest fan of. The splash pad is nice, great for small kids, but it’s not as interesting as the older version. 

IMG 9771IMG 9780



IMG 9778IMG 9785

With ample green space, this is still a very nice park and very worth the visit. My kids spent more time in the forested area than in the new park though!!

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