Half Way to Organized

I named 2015 the Year to Get Organized, and now that we’re 3/4 the way through the year, I am seeing the fruits of my labours. Really, it’s a project I began in 2014 with the first of my “lists.” Once I had two kids, it became harder to stay on top of keeping everything organized, particularly with all the new “stuff.” Over time, I realized that being tidy and organized made me feel better (I’m turning into my Oma) and that I had too much “stuff” anyway. So I began purging and organizing. Over and over.

IMG 2196

I made lists like these. Earlier this year, I started my second list. Today, as most of the items were checked off, I made a third. Some items have remained static (projects I’m obviously avoiding or are not bothering me as much), but others get added. Some projects seem to be yearly, like reorganizing the pantry and bathrooms. Others are always fluid, like going through the toys. We don’t have a huge stock of toys anymore, but there is always room to keep trimming.

This last list feels so much more final. I had to really think about what should be on it. When I mentally picture our house now, most places are tidy and easy to keep organized. When you get down to just what you need, it’s very easy to figure out how to organize it.

Now I’m thinking beyond the last few projects (some big, like the office, some small) to thing that would make our house better: new countertops in the bathroom, new desk in our office. 

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