A Special Mother’s Day

Today I was invited to Aiden’s class for a special Mother’s Day tea. We were treated to a song (“Inch by Inch”), a poem, some treats plus some beautiful gifts. Each child created a piece of art about what they love about us (that I sing to Aiden at night), spoken to the whole group, a booklet with our portrait and favourite things, some jam they each made, plus a necklace they created in pottery class. It was so beautiful! I totally cried while Aiden sang.

IMG 7957IMG 7955

Every time I see Aiden perform I totally tear up. He used to hate it, and he almost never sings at home, despite the fact that he LOVES his music class at school. I don’t think he likes being on the spot! The only time I hear him singing is if I’m in the other room or if he’s falling asleep at night. Today, he stood right in front of me and proudly belted out the song! Such a beautiful boy. I was so proud!


I totally cried #mothersday

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Aiden’s First School Concert

16942682620 b3fd059c43 bAiden had his first elementary school concert this past week. His music teacher was unable to schedule a Christmas concert for this year because of a baby on the way, so this was our first concert with Aiden in school. 

The theme of the night was Disney, with each class performing two dances / songs from a different Disney movie. Aiden’s class had Robin Hood and performed two dances on stage, doing the do-si-do, some basic movements and lots of fun moments acted out. They tried So hard and it was quite adorable, mistakes and all!

In addition to the two Robin Hood performances, the primary classes present that night (I think half the K-3 classes) all sang together for about 5 or 6 songs, including Zip A Dee Doo Dah and It’s A Small World, among others. I was surprised how many songs Aiden knew by heart and he was very clearly enunciating the words, which I thought was quite impressive. 

Aiden often “doesn’t remember” much about his days at school, so I had no idea they were practicing so many songs, some of which had their own little performance elements to them. I was thoroughly impressed with it all!

Music is one of Aiden’s favourite classes at school and it was clear from this performance! I am so glad he no longer has a fear of performing and instead can clearly enjoy his moments in the spotlight!! So proud of my boy!

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Growing Up Too Quickly

There are moments when you realize your child is growing up. For me, one of those moments came yesterday when Aiden pitched in to help create my mom’s Christmas village. Rather than haphazardly putting up buildings and accessories, he put thought into the placement of each piece in relation to the rest. 

IMG 3578

And then, on the way home, he flew Santa’s sleigh full of presents. Still my little boy. But growing so quickly.

Letters to Santa 2014

Aiden and Damien each wrote their letters to Santa today. 

IMG 3221

Aiden wrote, without help, “I want a helicopter and some cars and car ramp.” Damien wanted to say “candy” and “apple”, which were the ‘gifts’ he got from Santa at the mall when he went to visit. He doesn’t get the whole letter-writing thing yet, but it was cute. Apparently he drew Santa some raindrops.

IMG 3222

In Aiden’s case, this was actually his second letter to Santa. A couple of weeks ago he independently created this:

IMG 1587

Which not even he can read. He wrote it bottom up and kind of all over the place. What I understood was “I want the Polar Express and car. Like you Santa.” Otherwise, no idea. Feel free to chime in. 

Although I could have sent this, “Santa” was a little unsure of this letter. First off, he asked for the Polar Express all last year too up until the Fall, then didn’t ask again. He was sad he didn’t get it. For the record, he has a Polar Express, but it’s a piece of CRAP and fell apart quickly. He wanted a new one, plus the coaches and track. But we hesitated and even researched getting the large G-Scale version, but it’s SO expensive and not really for playing with. 

So, when he asked this year, it kind of felt like he was just repeating out of habit. Honestly, he rarely plays with trains anymore, so it didn’t seem the best option. In our house, Santa fills the stocking and buys one gift, so I wanted his letter to reflect something he really wanted. 

His new letter is better. But very reflective of the fact that Aiden doesn’t actually wish for… well… anything.

The car ramp is something he wants to like, but I know (he doesn’t) that it’s too limiting a way to play with cars. He likes to play with them on the floor. He purchased a car ramp with his birthday money (after I specifically did not get it for him) and never plays with it. I bought him a tiny expander piece in hopes that he will be inspired to create with it, rather than get a new one. Santa has a car for his stocking and the helicopter… well, he saw it at Lonsdale Quay so that’s where this item is coming from. He may play with it sometimes, but I’m not sure how much use it will get. Still, it’s a much cheaper Santa option! 

Now, here’s hoping that the store still has it in stock. There was only ONE left when we were there on Saturday…

Don’t Ruin Pure Joy With Cameras

I was very proud of my Christmas tree this year. I absolutely love Christmas. In years past, I have been known to handmade and mail out all our Christmas cards and to hand-stamp or decorate my own wrapping paper. Of course, with kids, that’s not my reality right now. Still, I have a great double-sided wrapping paper (Costco!) that I use to co-ordinate my wrapping and I take extra time to add bows and small ornaments as special decor on some gifts. I love laying out the presents and arranging the stockings.

I know I’m crazy, but it makes me happy. 

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Last year, we were very excited about Christmas morning. Aiden was getting the cliche most-awesome-Christmas-morning-present ever, a new bike. We found one in his absolute favourite colour (turquoise) and had it ready for Christmas morning. Everyone was very excited. We had co-ordinated with my mom (Oma) to come over as soon as the kids woke, so she could witness their Christmas morning excitement and Aiden’s reaction to the bike. 

Cue Christmas morning and Aiden bounded out of bed and was ready to fly down the stairs when we said WAIT and asked him to wait until Oma came. He was restless and excited, but he waited. Then we had him wait until we got the cameras ready and tried to record his reaction to the bike. So of course this happened:

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Aiden came down the stairs wary and nervous, shying away from the camera. He barely looked at the bike, barely registered a reaction. 

We robbed him of his Christmas-morning joy. It’s a mistake I will never ever make again. This year, the cameras go away and instead we will have to remember these precious moments. We can record other parts of Christmas, but this moment? This excitement? It’s so fleeting and so precious. 

So, here’s my advice to you – let your child have their moment of joy. Remember it. Photograph them when they are having fun, but never force them to check their emotions just so you can record it for posterity.