Halloween Mantle Decor

How have I skipped decorating the mantle for Halloween for all of these years? Even just a quick arrangement of items really went a long way. So fun!!

IMG 1291

Operation “Decorate for Aiden’s Halloween Birthday” is well under way!!

Do you decorate for different holidays indoors, or just outdoors?

Thrift or Treat at Value Village

This year, Aiden decided that his 5th birthday party will be Halloween-themed. After many theme changes over the past year, I was surprised that this theme stuck. I also realized it really gave me a chance to throw two parties in one! And I have always wanted to throw a Halloween party. 

The downside is, with the party being held at home, our typically front door decor wasn’t going to cut it. I have been scouring all the best Halloween deals in town to get some kid-friendly (i.e. not too scary) Halloween decor without breaking the bank. That’s why I was so thrilled when I was invited to visit Value Village for a little shopping trip. 


Value Village has one of the largest selections of new and gently-used costumes and accessories for kids and adults alike, and some decor too! Whether you’re shopping for a Halloween costume, or choosing now as an awesome time to stock up on dress-up clothes, you can’t beat the value!

I grabbed a cauldron from the second-hand decor and made my way around the store. My first score was a cute Darth Vader costume for Aiden. Though he’s already chosen his Halloween costume, he’s been really into dress-up lately. The costume was used, but the helmet and cape are brand new. When I got home, I had Ianiv try on the mask and he could totally wear it too ;)

Among my other scores were a cute Day of the Dead mask, some make-up, and skeleton earrings to go with my own skeleton costume! For home decor, which was my main goal, I supplemented my cauldron with some great pumpkin lights and some hanging skeletons. The whole bundle cost me $50.30 – a great deal!

If you are looking to get in on the Halloween deals at Value Village, North Shore Mama has put together a contest for one reader to win a $100 Value Village shopping spree so you too can go #ThriftOrTreat!

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Disclosure: I was asked to write a review of my experience at Value Village in exchange for a gift certificate covering a portion of my purchases. 

Holiday Card 2013 from Minted

A few weeks ago, I shared with you the wonderful cards we had printed last year from Minted. I recently received our 2013 cards in the mail and I just had to share them with you! 


The cards feature the wonderful photos by Sarah Jane Photography, as I featured in my last post, and let me tell you, it was no easy choice as to which pictures to use! As much as I love the full sized photo shots in some card designs, I could use just one photo when there were so many nice ones to choose from! The design I used is called Cherished.

The card design I chose had a ton of customizable colours and options – from the sayings to the envelopes and even the option to print addresses. I was really tempted by the new foil-pressed cards… maybe next year! I love that you can preview them! Aren’t they cute?!

Screen Shot 2013 12 06 at 2 43 16 PM

Family Photos: November 2012 Edition

We met with Sarah again for some more wonderful family portraits this November. My goal was to get some family photos that we could frame on our wall, as soon as Damien could sit. Well, he began solidly sitting just a couple of days before our photoshoot! 

WebArieanna 2012 0012

WebArieanna 2012 0002

WebArieanna 2012 0317

Despite the fact that Aiden was less-than-cooperative during the shoot (he was very tired and very much a 3-year-old), Sarah managed to capture some beautiful moments with our family. We did the photoshoot down by the Shipbuilders Yard in North Vancouver, doing some outdoor shots in the sun and also some indoor shots, since I wanted some sweater-free poses of the boys for our wall. I can’t wait to see how they look framed!