Splashing Outside the West Van Community Centre

Did you know that the fountains outside of the West Vancouver Community Centre are kid friendly?! Since as parents we often have to tell our kids “No” whenever we encounter fountains and water features, it is so nice to be able to say “Yes” sometimes! Whether you’re in the Rec Centre for another activity (swimming, skating, bouncy castles in the summer – our destination last year), or want to enjoy a coffee while your kids cool off, consider this as an option!

IMG 0213IMG 0213

You might say, why would I go here instead of a spray park or beach? Well, if your kids are like my kids, spray parks are too overwhelming. Water always gets in their faces and too many things move around unexpectedly. Wading pools, which we grew up with, do not exist in North or West Vancouver anymore. This is the closest you can get!!

Cloverly Park: A Review

This weekend, we took the kids to Cloverly Park, a little neighbourhood park located adjacent to the now closed Cloverly Elementary School, just off Shavington and Hendry south of Keith Road. The playground sits at the bottom of a large grassy hill, surrounded with green space and lots of room to run and play. 

IMG 7697

The playground is not large, and would definitely appeal to children over age 3. Though there are two short baby swings, most of the play structure would be too advanced for a toddler under 3 who couldn’t climb ladders. Given the obvious skew toward older children with the play structure, I was surprised that the playground didn’t feature swings for older children. 

IMG 7715IMG 7711IMG 7712IMG 7701

Unique to this park is a little wobbly balance beam – not super exciting, but different. I quite liked this playground, being situated in a very sunny spot, though it is small. It would be a great spot for picnics. If ever the City considers it, I think this playground could easily be expanded to offer even more play opportunities on this great site. 

The park boasts the recent addition of a port-a-potty. Tennis courts are nearby. 

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Crickmay Park: A Review

Crickmay Park lies hidden next to the Harry Jerome Community Centre off Lonsdale and 23rd. As a very small playground hidden in the greenspace surrounding the corner lot, you may not even know it’s here! The playground is small, offering two slides, some minor climbing, a little tunnel and a little zip line structure. It’s not huge, but definitely worth a little visit to burn off some energy after a visit to the rec centre for swimming, skating or some other activity. If you have more than one child, but only one registered in the rec centre, the playground is a great place to keep the other one active during lesson time.

IMG 1244IMG 7152IMG 7143IMG 5584

I didn’t have a photo of the whole playground in my archives, but I did find a number of photos from many visits here. Wow have the kids changed a lot!

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Brooksbank Elementary Playgrounds Review

Brooksbank Elementary, in the Queensbury area on the East side of Grand Boulevard, is nestled in a beautiful area backing into a wooded area and adjacent to Loutet Farm and Loutet Playground.

IMG 7497

All three playgrounds are in the same central area at Brooksbank, which is not as common. Although this makes the playground areas quite busy during school times, in off-hours it’s great for taking care of multiple children, since the kids can play on the different play structures all within your sight line. The advanced playground features a few climbing structures, but the rope climber is what attracts many of the older kids. I actually wish more playgrounds had rope-based play structures, as they are a lot more open-ended for kids, and quite challenging. 

IMG 7498

The younger play structure is really quite small and not super challenging:

IMG 7501

The third play structure is the oldest of the bunch, located next to the preschool area, and is the playground where the Kindergarten students first play when they go to this school. Although the structure is older, it does have some classic elements that kids like – the bridge, the monkey bars, the spiral pole.

IMG 7499

Though play at elementary schools during school days / hours is discouraged, school playgrounds offer a great options for neighbourhood play during weekends / after school hours. For a full list of North Vancouver playgrounds and school playgrounds, check out my directory here.

Welch Park: A Review

Nestled in the Norgate Area, right on the Spirit Trail, is Welch Strip Park, also known more simply as Welch Park. This playground is quite shady, so it could use a bit of a power wash, but is otherwise in great condition. And never busy, which I do find quite odd. I would think this playground would be a huge attraction for families in the area, particularly those on bikes / run bikes / scooters / strollers. 

IMG 7572

Although Welch Park is not large, it does have an abundance of climbing equipment crammed into a compact play structure. We stopped here while biking to have a snack and play for a bit and the kids had a great time!

IMG 7576IMG 7574IMG 7575

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