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Communities that Rock: Creating Kick-Ass Online Communities: e-book

Building robust, long-lasting and engaged communities requires much more than just having a Facebook, Twitter profile, a website or a blog. This e-book by Arieanna Schweber and Raul Pacheco is intended to showcase a variety of strategies, tools and techniques that anybody can use to begin laying the foundations of a successful online community.

Using your blog as your social hub, Arieanna and Raul will teach you a broad range of elements associated with community building: good blogging design, social plugins, good practices for sticky blogging, responding to positive and negative feedback, finding your online voice, maximizing your reach and nurturing your blogging niche, and building up a community with guest posts, forums, commentary and additional social platforms.

You will emerge from this e-book with a broad portfolio of ideas that you will be able to implement immediately to strengthen your online community. This e-book is best suited for people who have been blogging for at least a few months, who have a basic understanding of blogging and who want to take their blogs to the next level, building robust communities around them.

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About the Authors

Arieanna Schweber was Canada’s first female professional blogger. She has been professionally blogging since 2006 and worked as Senior Entertainment Editor for b5media where she managed a team of 40 writers managing 70 online communities. Arieanna has a degree in Business / Communications from SFU and continues to build communities part time for Vancouver-based clients and for herself at and

Raul Pacheco is has a PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies and is an instructor at in the Department of Political Science at UBC, whose online presence at has generated a large online community about lifestyle in and around the Vancouver Lower Mainland, and the province of British Columbia primarily. As well as managing his own dynamic community, Raul provides social media consulting and talks about community activism and community building.