Aiden at 3 Years Old

Now that Aiden is 3 years old today, it has really hit me how much he has changed in the last few months. 5 months ago he became a big brother. Since then, he moved into a big boy bed, potty trained for daytime, started preschool and stopped napping. So much change, and that’s just of the obvious sort. Less obvious is his growing empathy towards others, his ability to create elaborate play stories and his love of pretending to be something else (often a lion or dinosaur). 

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Here’s a snapshot of Aiden at 3 years old:

  • Weight: 31lbs (44th percentile)
  • Height: 36″ (15th percentile)
  • Favorite foods: sausage, butter chicken, turkey slices, grapes, granola bars, chocolate milk, yogurt, gorilla crunch cereal, oatmeal, cake, chicken fingers, french fries, broccoli  
  • Stopped napping and stopped taking quiet time. Quiet time was leading to some naps (hard on bedtime) and was often super short on days when he wasn’t tired – it became too much work, so now he just watches his regular amount of tv earlier, for his ‘quiet’ time
  • Went through a phase of calling me Malammy
  • Had a train-themed birthday party at Gymboree
  • Favorite places: Gymboree, Oma’s house, the park (faves are Ridgeway elementary, St. Andrews and Digger)
  • “What number do you like, Daddy?” 10,234! “That’s too many.” Zero. “That’s not a number… I want you to like ‘T’” That’s a letter. 
  • His favourite words & phrases: Malammy, I don’t know, I can do it!, what did u say?, I don’t want to wear my pants, I’m a good jobber, I only want to wear my underwear, I want it right now!, where are we going today?
  • My favourite words & phrases of his: woddipop (lollipop), yoger (ogre), I want Damien in the bath, I love you Mommy, are we not going fast?

Aiden at 35 Months – Almost 3!

44235 10152135679760331 1145324505 nYikes, my little ‘baby’ is 3 in just one more month!! When did that happen? He’s turned into a little boy overnight, it seems. Aiden has had some big changes this month: starting preschool twice a week and potty training! I have yet to share those experiences in full, but those are two big changes to happen within a single month! Aiden almost stopped napping this month too, though he resumed them again after a few days and now alternates between nap days and ‘quiet time’ days.

We also just got home from a 3-day trip to Victoria, which will require many posts to detail all our adventures!

Here’s a snapshot of Aiden at 35 months:

  • Shoe size: 7-7.5 (just went up!)
  • Favorite foods include: pancakes, bacon, ice cream, popsicles, Gorilla crunch cereal, apple chips, chocolate milk, pizza, mango, quesedilla with turkey slices
  • Aiden’s favourite colors: blue and black
  • Attends preschool Monday and Wednesday for 4 hours each day
  • Is fully potty trained during the day (nap too)
  • Naps 50-70% of the time; takes ‘quiet time’ other days (listens to audiobooks: currently Winnie the Pooh)
  • Drew his first recognizable picture (a sun)
  • Can pull down his own pants and take off his shirts, if they are loose enough. Can pull up underwear, but not much else yet.
  • Sometimes calls Daddy “Da-y” and Babby “Ba-y” like his “Ma-y” for Mommy
  • Has started using slang like “ya” and “getcha”
  • Has developed a fear of driving fast. Is very anxious on highways and is constantly asking if we are going too fast / to slow down
  • His favourite phrases: I want to go with you, I’m going to getcha!, I need you, I’m going to hold my blank for a little bit, I’ll be back in one minute, I’m very excited, We’re running
  • My favourite quotes of the month: Poke!, I really like it, You’re a sweetie, Mommy, Let me get that for ya, Cool, ‘You’re silly, Daddy’, Oh my gosh he’s so big (of Damien), I can’t believe my eyes, I’m going to tell you a secret: I love you so much, We’re going on an adventure, ‘Look, I found a treasure!’, ‘You’re my best friend, Mommy’, Instruction site (for Construction site)

Aiden at 34 Months

Aiden has been having a great summer, particularly this last month of glorious weather. We spend endless hours playing outside our house in the alley with all the neighbourhood kids. Although I often lament about not having a yard, I know he’s getting something far better through his interaction with all those kids. The kids are all older than him (youngest is 5, eldest is almost 12), but they all dote on him and are more than happy to drop whatever they are doing to play with him or teach him things. It’s truly amazing. His current favourite activities with them are playing tennis or hide & seek. 

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  • Weight 29.5 lbs (apparently last month was an erroneous reading! Still no change in 10 months)
  • Wears 3T tops and pants (finally put away all but the very-largest of the 2T clothes)
  • Favorite foods include: ice cream, sausages, oatmeal, gorilla crunch cereal, veggie straws, chocolate milk, roast chicken, yogurt with granola, nuts
  • Wants to know the names of the streets we are driving on. Has recall for many of them (St Georges, Lonsdale Avenue, Keith, Grand Boulevard)
  • Loves looking at street maps
  • Asks the names of street signs & store names: “What’s that store? What does that spell?”
  • Wants to know the first letter of a word he hears: “What’s that start with?”
  • Has renewed interest in the alphabet. Has improved his recall again, only confused now on 3 letters
  • Wants to know what things are made of. A common question this month has been “What is XX made of?” He’s asked about houses, cars, cardboard, water, most things he’s holding
  • Is interested in how things are built. Enjoys likening things to skeletons (a house frame is like a skeleton)
  • Loves to pretend to crash and fall. People must think he’s quite clumsy!
  • Wants to climb in and out of his carseat every time; has learned to close his own car door.
  • Loves to hug and say “I love you SO much” to family and friends. Very huggy month. 
  • Has mastered his “L” sounds – they are over-enunciated right now
  • Began calling Damien incorrectly – was saying Damiend; we don’t know if he got confused or was doing a nickname. May have come from my little Damien songs where I repeat his name to a tune (the D would thus restart after his name)
  • His favourite phrases: I can do it by myself, I can’t do it, you want to read this together, never mind, I don’t like this, where are we going today
  • My favourite phrases of his: I did it all by myself, I love you SO much, my tummy is so full, yellow (said more like yeLL-Low)

Aiden at 33 Months

Just looking at the photos, it seems Aiden has changed so much in the past month. After holding fairly static on growth for the past 6-9 months, he’s finally taken a huge step up in growth (both in height and weight). I think he looks like a different little boy.

Aiden has warmed up to being a big brother, calling Damien “my baby” and gloating about how he’s a “gentle boy” when he touches his hair or hand. Just this week he’s started giving Damien kisses and has begun asking if Damien is big enough to play with: he seems more excited to be a big brother.

From my part, I’m more used to being a mom of two and I’m sure that’s helped get us back into a more normal routine – which is important for a toddler.

  • Weight: 31.5 lbs
  • Finally exclusively in 3T pants
  • Favourite foods include: quesedillas or burritos, watermelon, popcorn, radishes, fennel, celery, carrots, ice cream, popsicles, Gorrila crunch cereal, granola, ‘cold hot chocolate’, yogurt (certain brands only), french fries
  • Asked his first “why” question: “Why is the meat not working?” in reference to a feed-the-monster iPad game
  • Transitioned to a “big boy bed” – his crib as a toddler bed. Now spends hours ‘reading’ his books before bed. Still calls for Daddy most nights as a stall tactic.
  • Has renewed interest in potty training, but not enough for us to attempt it again. Still doesn’t ‘want’ to do it most of the time
  • Still has temper issues expressed by throwing things, pushing or spitting (which he refers to as spit-up thanks to Damien)
  • Is fascinated with road signs and wants to know what each sign means
  • Things Aiden likes to say: That’s very funny?, I need to hold my blanky a little bit?, This is hard work, You need to say ‘Yes’
  • My favorite phrases of the month: I just had a wonderful day, I did touch his hair [with Damien], This is my baby. That’s a nice baby, He’s tired but very awake [to Damien in the car seat], I know, Damien [when he’s crying], cold hot chocolate, chocolate and verniwwa [vanilla]

Aiden at 32 Months

Aiden has undergone a lot of changes in the last month. Being a big brother was not an easy transition for him, though he is getting used to it. The tantrums are fewer, though still as loud (I suppose that comes of being 2.5 as well), but bedtimes have settled back into their norm – he may take a while to fall asleep, but he’s not crying out for us constantly. We can live with that. I miss spending more one-on-one time with him, particularly at night, but we try to compensate at other times of the day. 

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Aiden enjoys talking about “my baby”, who he sometimes remembers to refer to as Damien, and asks to help rock his carseat or push his stroller. These are lovely moments; enough, for now, to erase queries to leave the baby at home or statements such as ‘I no like the baby’. ;)

  • Favourite foods include: pizza, hot dogs, cereal bars, cereals of all sorts, yogurt, fennel, radishes, pickles, radish sprouts, chicken
  • Can undress himself (pants and shirts), though still doesn’t want to 99% of the time. Hates having his diaper changed or changing out of PJs.
  • Is obsessed about trains – books and videos in particular. Loves to browse YouTube for miniature train videos. His train “whoooooho ooooo” is quite authentic sounding now.
  • Participated in another family photoshoot
  • Loves to compare things as either “like” (the same) or “similar”. Astounds me the kinds of observations he makes.
  • Is starting to be less of a neat freak. Will happily play in mud, as long as he can be cleaned soon after, and loves to look for bugs or worms – no spiders, though
  • Has started to slur “Mommy” into something more like “Mah-y”
  • Uses gibberish sounds and phrases to make up “songs”
  • Aiden likes to say: Um, what the heck, you see the ____, Mommy?
  • I love to hear Aiden say: You have two boys, ittle bit (little bit), regally (regular)
  • Funny phrase of the month: “I have a secret Mommy. A bulldozer.”