Top Uncommon Gifts for Kids

If you are looking for uncommon gifts, you may just find them at UncommonGoods! I was lucky enough to be able to choose a gift for Aiden this holiday season, which he in turn was lucky enough to play with before Christmas! It took me a long time to narrow my list down from all the wonderful options at UncommonGoods, but I’m happy to share with you some of my Top Uncommon Gifts for Kids, as well as a review of the two toys we received.

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Uncommon Gifts for Kids

Uncommong gifts 

  1. Pallina – as pictured with the family on the left, the goal of this game by Hape is to remove the colour sticks without letting your own coloured balls fall. This was an easy game to introduce and offered us a fun alternative to board games during family game time. Aiden loved how hands on the game was and it’s a quick game to play several times. It’s definitely a little larger than I expected though!
  2. Ogobild Hub – as pictured with Aiden on the top right, the Ogobild Hub is a construction toy with endless possibilities. Add feet, wheels, loops, propellers and more! Although at first the pieces are hard to put in, your little engineer will soon be inspired to create endless creatures and contraptions. Aiden quickly moved past his desire to create a creature exactly like on the box, which he’s yet to do with Lego. I call this a win!
  3. Custom Book Adventure – create a custom pirate adventure or a custom fairy book with your child’s name, hair colour, home town and more. How cute is that?! This is one of my top picks for next year!
  4. Storymatic for Kids or Rory’s Story Cubes – bring out the creativity in your kids by encouraging storytelling with prompt cards or blocks. I think these games could get many years of play, which is hard to come by. This is a for sure gift for next year from us!
  5. Make Your Own Snowglobe – I’m a little obsessed with DIY projects, so I love this kit. If your child likes to make things with Play-Doh or clay, I think they’d be ready for this kit.
  6. Stormy Seas Balancing Game – we have a similar game with a sailboat and it’s fun to challenge problem-solving on where to balance the items. Nothing complex – just a quick game. 

About UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods was founded in 1999 in NewYork and endeavours to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts that are environmentally friendly – half of what is sold is made by hand, and a third is recycled or up-cycled. I spent a lot of time browsing the website wishing I hadn’t already finished my Christmas shopping! Luckily, I added a few ideas to next year’s list (and yes, I do have an app for that). 

If you are looking for some unique Christmas gifts, particularly some funky stocking stuffers or other gifts for women, you may just find them at UncommonGoods. If you have read my Guys’ Guide to Stocking Stuffers and are still searching for the right gifts, check out this scarf and the Storymatic game – both of which fit my stocking stuffer tips!

Disclosure: We received toys for review, the opinions of which are my own. I was not asked to create a list post or in any way promote additional goods. I just like them!