Canyon Lights Welcomes Winter Pavilion

One of my favourite winter activities is to visit Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s become a yearly tradition for us to take photos in their sleigh and make some delicious gingerbread cookies. 

Canyon lights

Last Sunday was a beautiful (if cold) day, clear and crisp, so we layered up and went for a visit. Damien started to feel poorly again, so it wasn’t an “easy” visit, but it was beautiful! The lights are outstanding and the new Winter Pavilion is a great addition – a nice warm place to decorate gingerbread cookies, take photos, have a hot chocolate or make a holiday card!

IMG 0413IMG 2883

I also found a new hat and I love it! Ok, I will admit I purchased my jacket there too on my last visit. They have a surprisingly amazing gift shop, really you should check it out!!

IMG 2906

Top photo courtesy of Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Changing Seasons at Capilano Suspension Bridge

We have had annual memberships to Capilano Suspension Bridge since Aiden was a baby. Having gone every time of year, from the crazy busy Summer season to the serene moments of Autumn, I have to say that Halloween and Christmas are my favourite times to visit. 

IMG 0640

Weekdays in Autumn, the Capilano Suspension Bridge highlights the peace of the season. Without the crazy bustle of large crowds, you can truly take in the breathtaking views and the changing colours of the season. It’s breathtaking. 

They have filled every nook of the park with pumpkins, scarecrows and autumn leaves. It’s a great time to come and take some photos!

IMG 0611

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Canyon Lights 2013

It seems we celebrate many holidays at the Capilano Suspension Bridge, as it is now a part of our yearly traditions for both Hallowe’en and for Christmas. This year, we went to Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge with some friends of ours, which made the experience so nice for the kids. Unlike years past, we went after dinner, so there were no hungry kids melting down and, surprisingly, they didn’t fuss from being tired!

IMG 3011

IMG 2981IMG 3010

IMG 3009IMG 3014

We made gingerbread cookies, listened to music, walked around the pond, toured the treetops and posed for some photos. A perfect night!