Foonf Car Seats: A Review A Year Later

We have had the Clek Foonf car seats for both boys since Damien was about 6 months old, so for more than a year and a half now. Prior to that, Aiden was in the Britax Boulevard seat. It had been our intention to keep the Britax and pass it on to Damien, getting Aiden a harness/booster combination seat when he was older. Unfortunately, we started running into problems with our Britax and we just never seemed able to get it tight enough – it was hard to both tighten and loosen, no matter how we tried to adjust it. 

IMG 9157Sleeping in his foonf just today!

We have now had the Clek Foonf for over 1.5 years and have had no issues loosening or tightening the straps – it’s still just as easy as when we purchased the seats, despite all the sand and grit and crumbs that get trapped around the straps of any seat. 

The foonf was a new seat at the time we purchased them, and we were definitely impressed with the look of the seat, it’s safety features and the fact that it is recyclable. We also wanted a seat that would last both boys a long time, as we don’t plan to move to a booster even when Aiden hits 40 lbs, the booster minimum. Damien, in fact, is still rear-facing, as he’s not yet 30 lbs and doesn’t seem to mind. The rules were different when Aiden was young, and he was much fussier in the car, so we turned him forward-facing closer to 1 year. Such different kids. 

The narrower profile of the seats was definitely something that appealed to us, and we have no issues with either seat pushing the driver or passenger seats forward too much. If you needed to, you could line 3 of the Clek seats in one row, possibly even better with their newly released slim Fllo system.

We will be able to use the foonf seats until the boys are 65lbs or 49” tall, so we’re good for a while, neither boy is very large! :)

A Car Seat Milestone

Though it is really just a convenience, I’m going to mark it as a milestone. Since our car went out for service today, when it came back we decided to flip Aiden’s car seat to forward facing. Though our model of car seat can be rear facing until 40lbs, 20lbs past the legal requirement (if baby is past 12 months), Aiden’s long legs have been seeming cramped. So, we flipped him around:


He’s taking one nap. Down to breastfeeding just 2-3 times a day (morning, before nap, 1 time at night if he wakes). Where did my baby go??