My Fresh Produce Clothing

Fresh Produce, a retailer known across the US in stores such as Macy’s, recently expanded their online store to ship to 200 countries, including Canada. I was approached to try a few of their outfits, to review how their clothes fit in with my lifestyle as an active mama. The clothes are marketed as breezy, colourful and comfortable, and though not all of the clothes are my style, there are some great classic basics and colourful items to add to your wardrobe.

Here’s me modelling the Wrap Me Up Dress in one photo, and the Knit Coastal Wrap Cardigan over a Cami and Basic Leggings. I was able to size myself perfectly, which was not bad for my first attempt at online shopping for clothes! The pictures don’t do the outfits justice, especially the first one (should have previewed that before asking my husband to upload it!), so follow the above links.

The dress is great, though I’ve never worn a dress with sleeves before. As a wrap dress, I love that the interior is stitched closed so that I don’t need to pin the bust (a major issue for me and most wrap dresses). The cardigan drapes nicely down the front and drew several compliments. The leggings stayed up, which is more than I can say for other brands, even though I tend to not wear the full length leggings like these. I look forward to getting a lot of use out of these clothes to mix & match with my current wardrobe.

Although I didn’t get it, one of my favourite items of theirs is this skirt/dress, as I think the pattern is great and I love outfits that are multi-functional like this. I have one skirt/dress that I just love and I loved that it was great for when I was pregnant with Aiden as well.

Disclosure: I was sent these outfits for review, though my opinions are my own.

Aiden Loves Hats

My little dude loves hats. Heck, I think he’d wear his bike helmet most days if we let him. It has lights! Oooh, lights! And, while he’s just grown out of his newsboy cap (don’t worry, I’m getting another of the same one next week!), he’ll generally wear any hat we offer – outside the house. Once in the car or inside, he takes off the hat. But still, not bad ‘training’, hey?


When we were at H&M this week, mostly killing time, he nearly jumped out of my arms when he saw these hats. He loves to try on most hats he sees. This one, however, was a keeper. $12 – hard to pass up!

How cute is he?!

Warehouse Sales

Yesterday we braved the crowds at the first day of the Please Mum Warehouse Sale for 2011. I’m a sale hunter for Aiden’s clothes, often shopping 1-3 sizes ahead in order to get good deals. Things like t-shirts and pants can be worn all year round, so there’s never any chance (with boys clothes at least) of stuff not being worn. I’ll buy seasonal items early too, but I’m more careful about buying only 1 size ahead for those.

Though Please Mum is my least favourite store for boys clothing (I hate track pants and dislike typical graphic tees), I decided to see if I could find some basics anyway. A good deal is a good deal, after all! I walked out with 4 long sleeved shirts, 3 pants and 2 sweaters for under $60.

Please Mum Head Office
333 Woodland Drive, Vancouver, BC.

February 25: 3pm – 9pm
Febraury 26: 9am – 5pm
February 27: 9am 5pm

If you go, be prepared for a long wait. The tables are not perfectly consistent in sizes and the line to pay can be quite long. Raspberry Kids is also having a Warehouse sale this weekend, you can see their sale section for more hints as to their likely merchandise.

Raspberry Kids Weekend Warehouse Extravaganza
February 26 & 27 11-3pm

Baby Shoe Review

I’ve written previously about my research into how to choose the right shoes for developing feet. I consider it important to dress Aiden in flexible shoes and will aim to do so as long as I can find them. We’re now on size 5 shoes, so we’ve had a few different shoe brands to try. Here are my thoughts so far…

Though we started out with a couple of random baby shoes, the ones Aiden wore the most were a pair of Robeez Mini Shoez – this was overkill, for sure, for a baby shoe, but I fell in love with the dragon design. We had a thing for dragons.

Anyway, I loved the shoe. The were easy to put on and they stayed on. Considering how easily Aiden took his socks off, shoes were definitely a must for us – even in the pre-walking days!

After that, we had another pair of Mini Shoez that, sadly, didn’t fit as well. I found them quite narrow, meaning Aiden grew out of them quickly. Thankfully, we had a pair of Robeez Soft Soles and loved them – they were great outside, despite the soft leather bottom. They were SO easy to get on and off! They would be my preference for baby shoes until the walking days, could I do it again.

After this, I couldn’t find a design of Robeez in stores that I liked. I did, however, find an adorable pair of PediPed shoes from LussoBaby. They fit much wider than Robeez, a huge plus, and have a wonderful shoe tongue that folds way open so there’s no fight to get the foot in the shoe. The leather bottom, the ‘original‘, only goes to size 6, though the brand appears to have larger shoe options.

I’ve already pre-purchased Aiden’s next size of shoe – one I found on sale at Lonsdale Quay. Though it’s not either of the above brands, it met my criteria in terms of flexibility and they were super cute. I admit, however, that I’m tempted to get a second PediPed for that size because their designs are exactly my aesthetic… but I can’t justify 2 pairs of shoes when they don’t last very long!

Unleash Your Baby Potential

Aiden and Zayden were given the tough job of modelling some Baby Potential shirts. Baby Potential is an online store for baby shirts and onesies that remind us all that “every baby has the potential to grow into a productive adult and achieve career success – regardless of gender, race or socio-economic status.” To that end, they have a series of career-themed patch shirts, as you can see below.


Aiden is modelling the rocket scientist long-sleeve shirt while Zayden is a future chef in his tee. Both boys are wearing the 12-18 size, though neither are past 12 months yet. I would definitely suggest going a size larger than the age of your child, just so you have the room to grow into them.


The shirts are made of a fantastic quality cotton and are super soft. They feature a cute detail around the neckline, which was an unexpected bonus. Each shirt came individually folded with a ribbon around it, so it would make a great baby shower gift for out-of-towners. They also do custom designs!


Can you tell we had fun with the photoshoot?

Clothing was provided to ActiveMama for review.